Table 3 
Consumer Price Index and major components – Seasonally adjusted 

Consumer Price Index and major components – Seasonally adjusted1
  July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 July to August 2013 August to September 2013
  (2002=100)(2002=100)(2002=100) % change% change
All-items Consumer Price Index (CPI) 122.9 123.0 123.2 0.1 0.2
Food 132.1 132.6 132.7 0.4 0.1
Shelter 128.8 128.8 129.0 0.0 0.2
Household operations, furnishings and equipment 114.6 114.4 114.4 -0.2 0.0
Clothing and footwear 92.9 93.0 91.9 0.1 -1.2
Transportation 129.4 129.6 130.0 0.2 0.3
Health and personal care 118.2 118.2 118.4 0.0 0.2
Recreation, education and reading 106.3 106.6 106.3 0.3 -0.3
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products 140.5 140.4 140.9 -0.1 0.4
Special aggregates          
Core CPI2 121.2 121.2 121.3 0.0 0.1
All-items CPI excluding food and energy3 117.3 117.3 117.4 0.0 0.1
A seasonally adjusted series is one from which seasonal movements have been eliminated. Each month, the previous month's seasonally adjusted index is subject to revision. On an annual basis, the seasonally adjusted values for the last three years are revised with the January data release. Users employing CPI data for indexation purposes are advised to use the unadjusted indexes. For more information on the availability and uses of seasonally adjusted CPI data, please see the Definitions, data sources and methods section of survey 2301.
The Bank of Canada's core index excludes eight of the CPI's most volatile components (fruit, fruit preparations and nuts; vegetables and vegetable preparations; mortgage interest cost; natural gas; fuel oil and other fuels; gasoline; inter-city transportation; and tobacco products and smokers' supplies) as well as the effects of changes in indirect taxes on the remaining components. For additional information on the core CPI, please consult the Bank of Canada website (
The special aggregate "Energy" includes: electricity; natural gas; fuel oil and other fuels; gasoline; and fuel, parts and supplies for recreational vehicles.
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