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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Society and community

COVID-19 mortality rates were higher for people living in apartments and larger households

In Canada, physical distancing measures were implemented in public spaces starting mid-March 2020 given the risk of COVID-19 transmission when an infected person comes in close contact with others. However, physical distancing can be a challenge for individuals sharing the same living space, especially if the space is small or there are many people living in the same building.

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Travel and tourism

Leading indicator of international arrivals to Canada, March 2021

In March, international arrivals to Canada by land and air remained low as restrictions on non-essential travel continued and additional testing requirements were imposed on air passengers.

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Retail and wholesale

Retail Commodity Survey, January 2021

Retail sales reached $43.2 billion in December, a decrease of 1.1% compared with the same month a year prior. This marked the first year-over-year decline in sales for the sector since May 2020. Lower sales were reported in 11 of the 19 commodity categories.

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Prices and price indexes

Experimental indexes of economic activity in the provinces and territories, December 2020

The increase in the three-month moving average of economic activity slowed in a majority of provinces and territories in December. The slowdown in activity growth in the three months up to December corresponds with a period of rising COVID-19 cases and tightening restrictions across the country.

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Electric Power Selling Price Index, February 2021

The Electric Power Selling Price Index (2014=100) is now available for February.

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United States remains by far Canada's principal trading partner for environmental and clean technology products in 2019

Canada exported $13.5 billion of environmental and clean technology (ECT) products in 2019, accounting for 1.8% of total Canadian exports. Imports of ECT reached $19.9 billion, representing 2.6% of total Canadian imports. As a result, Canada had a $6.4 billion trade deficit in ECT products in 2019, up slightly (+$744.8 million) from 2018 and accounting for just above one-sixth of Canada's total trade deficit of $36.9 billion in 2019.

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Indigenous peoples

Gender Results Framework: Data table on the representation of men and women in First Nations band councils and Chiefs in First Nations communities in Canada, 2019

Statistics Canada's Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics is releasing a new data table today on the proportion of women and men in leadership roles in First Nations communities. Women in leadership positions, including political representation as elected officials across different levels of government, is a topic of much interest. This information on governance in First Nations communities will be used to create two indicators within the Gender Results Framework, a whole-of-government tool designed to track progress in advancing gender equality in Canada.

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New products

StatCan COVID-19: Data to Insights for a Better Canada

Catalogue number Catalogue number45280001, (HTML | PDF)

New studies and articles

COVID-19: A data perspective

COVID-19: A data perspective
Explore key economic trends and social challenges that arise as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

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