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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Economic accounts

Activities of foreign majority-owned affiliates in Canada, 2016

Foreign majority-owned affiliates operating in Canada generated over one-fifth of the value added in the corporate sector in 2016 and employed about one in eight Canadian workers.

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Canada's Core Public Infrastructure Survey: Wastewater and solid waste assets, 2016

Municipal and regional governments have made a significant investment in facilities to deal with what Canadians flush, send down the drain, or throw out.

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Immigration and ethnocultural diversity

Refugees and Canadian Postsecondary Education: Characteristics and Economic Outcomes in Comparison, 2013

Many working-age adults who immigrate to Canada enroll in postsecondary education after their arrival to upgrade their educational credentials or improve their employment prospects. Overall, 28% of immigrants admitted from 2002 to 2005 (at the working ages of 25 to 54) enrolled in Canadian postsecondary educational institutions within the first seven years after admission to Canada.

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Canadian Community Health Survey: Rapid response on antibiotic medication use, 2018

New data on antibiotic medication use are now available for custom requests from the rapid response component of the Canadian Community Health Survey – Annual Component.

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Natural gas disposition, 2017

Natural gas sales in the residential sector increased 7.6% from 2016 to 16.9 billion cubic metres in 2017, while sales in the commercial sector were up 9.4% to 13.8 billion cubic metres.

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Fertilizer Shipments Survey, first quarter 2018/2019

Shipments of other fertilizer products within Canada increased by 48 000 tonnes to 215 000 tonnes in the first quarter of the 2018/2019 fertilizer year (July to September), up 28.7% compared with 2017/2018. This category of fertilizer products has generally been increasing over time; this represents the fourth consecutive increase for a first quarter.

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New products

Health Fact Sheets

Catalogue number Catalogue number82-625-X, (HTML | PDF)

Ethnicity, Language and Immigration Thematic Series: "Refugees and Canadian Post-Secondary Education: Characteristics and Economic Outcomes in Comparison"

Catalogue number Catalogue number89-657-X2018001, (HTML | PDF)

Census Subdivision Boundary File, Reference Guide, 2018

Catalogue number Catalogue number92-162-G, (HTML | PDF)

Census Subdivision Boundary File

Catalogue number Catalogue number92-162-X, (HTML)

Road Network File, Reference Guide, 2018

Catalogue number Catalogue number92-500-G, (HTML | PDF)

Road Network File, 2018

Catalogue number Catalogue number92-500-X, (HTML)

Interim List of Changes to Municipal Boundaries, Status, and Names, Up to January 1, 2018

Catalogue number Catalogue number92F0009X, (HTML | PDF)

New studies and articles

Catalogue numberDiabetes, 2017

Health Fact Sheets

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