Labour productivity and related measures by business sector industry and by non-commercial activity consistent with the industry accounts (x 1,000,000)1, 2

Frequency: Annual

Table: 36-10-0480-01 (formerly CANSIM 383-0033)

Geography: Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Labour productivity and related measures by business sector industry and by non-commercial activity consistent with the industry accounts (x 1,000,000).
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Industry (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Labour productivity and related measures, Row 3 is Reference period.
Alberta (map)
Hours worked for all jobs3
Hours in thousands
All industries54,206,948.1
Business sector industries63,413,741.7
Goods-producing businesses71,152,347.1
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting [BS11]8108,819.3
Crop and animal production [BS11A]993,121.3
Crop production [BS111]38,872.0
Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production [BS1114]7,757.9
Crop production (except greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production) [BS111A]1031,114.1
Animal production [BS112]54,249.3
Aquaculture [BS1125]53.5
Animal production (except aquaculture) [BS112A]1154,195.8
Forestry and logging [BS113]7,464.3
Fishing, hunting and trapping [BS114]85.7
Support activities for agriculture and forestry [BS115]8,148.0
Support activities for forestry [BS1153]3,166.8
Support activities for crop and animal production [BS115A]124,981.2
Mining and oil and gas extraction [BS21]282,003.3
Oil and gas extraction [BS211]141,600.6
Conventional oil and gas extraction [BS211113]90,756.6
Non-conventional oil extraction [BS211114]50,844.0
Mining and quarrying (except oil and gas) [BS212]6,946.2
Coal mining [BS2121]3,396.2
Metal ore mining [BS2122]50.6
Iron ore mining [BS21221]0.0
Gold and silver ore mining [BS21222]50.6
Copper, nickel, lead and zinc ore mining [BS21223]0.0
Other metal ore mining [BS21229]0.0
Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying [BS2123]3,499.4
Stone mining and quarrying [BS21231]435.6
Sand, gravel, clay, and ceramic and refractory minerals mining and quarrying [BS21232]2,543.3
Diamond mining [BS212392]0.0
Potash mining [BS212396]0.0
Other non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying (except diamond and potash) [BS21239A]13520.5
Support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction [BS213]133,456.5
Support activities for oil and gas extraction [BS21311A]14131,074.7
Support activities for mining [BS21311B]152,381.8
Utilities [BS22]36,613.5
Electric power generation, transmission and distribution [BS2211]29,449.2
Natural gas distribution, water, sewage and other systems [BS221A]167,164.3
Natural gas distribution [BS2212]5,762.5
Water, sewage and other systems [BS2213]1,401.8
Construction [BS23]477,381.6
Residential building construction [BS23A]17118,864.4
Non-residential building construction [BS23B]1745,940.4
Engineering construction [BS23C]17247,639.6
Transportation engineering construction [BS23C1]1725,262.3
Oil and gas engineering construction [BS23C2]17187,297.4
Electric power engineering construction [BS23C3]1715,148.5
Communication engineering construction [BS23C4]172,496.5
Other engineering construction [BS23C5]1717,434.9
Repair construction [BS23D]1757,875.9
Other activities of the construction industry [BS23E]177,061.3
Manufacturing [BS3A]18247,529.4
Food manufacturing [BS311]43,812.2
Animal food manufacturing [BS3111]2,182.7
Sugar and confectionery product manufacturing [BS3113]618.1
Fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty food manufacturing [BS3114]3,057.9
Dairy product manufacturing [BS3115]2,360.6
Meat product manufacturing [BS3116]21,342.2
Seafood product preparation and packaging [BS3117]7.0
Miscellaneous food manufacturing [BS311A]1914,243.7
Grain and oilseed milling [BS3112]1,871.1
Bakeries and tortilla manufacturing [BS3118]6,362.8
Other food manufacturing [BS3119]6,009.8
Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing [BS312]6,873.4
Soft drink and ice manufacturing [BS31211]4,087.2
Breweries [BS31212]2,331.6
Wineries and distilleries [BS3121A]20454.6
Tobacco manufacturing [BS3122]0.0
Textile and textile product mills [BS31A]211,113.7
Clothing and leather and allied product manufacturing [BS31B]22936.5
Wood product manufacturing [BS321]19,965.9
Sawmills and wood preservation [BS3211]8,284.7
Veneer, plywood and engineered wood product manufacturing [BS3212]4,037.9
Other wood product manufacturing [BS3219]7,643.3
Paper manufacturing [BS322]5,340.4
Pulp, paper and paperboard mills [BS3221]3,884.5
Converted paper product manufacturing [BS3222]1,455.9
Printing and related support activities [BS323]5,799.9
Petroleum and coal product manufacturing [BS324]9,383.8
Petroleum refineries [BS32411]6,951.9
Petroleum and coal products manufacturing (except petroleum refineries) [BS3241A]232,431.9
Chemical manufacturing [BS325]17,584.7
Basic chemical manufacturing [BS3251]3,610.5
Resin, synthetic rubber, and artificial and synthetic fibres and filaments manufacturing [BS3252]3,580.2
Pesticide, fertilizer and other agricultural chemical manufacturing [BS3253]4,922.6
Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing [BS3254]1,324.1
Miscellaneous chemical product manufacturing [BS325A]244,147.3
Paint, coating and adhesive manufacturing [BS3255]594.2
Soap, cleaning compound and toilet preparation manufacturing [BS3256]568.0
Other chemical product manufacturing [BS3259]2,985.1
Plastics and rubber products manufacturing [BS326]12,314.2
Plastic product manufacturing [BS3261]10,871.7
Rubber product manufacturing [BS3262]1,442.5
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing [BS327]10,589.2
Cement and concrete product manufacturing [BS3273]6,158.3
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing (except cement and concrete products) [BS327A]254,430.9
Primary metal manufacturing [BS331]5,501.5
Iron and steel mills and ferro-alloy manufacturing [BS3311]920.9
Steel product manufacturing from purchased steel [BS3312]3,179.3
Alumina and aluminum production and processing [BS3313]258.0
Non-ferrous metal (except aluminum) production and processing [BS3314]512.8
Foundries [BS3315]630.5
Fabricated metal product manufacturing [BS332]40,838.6
Forging and stamping [BS3321]37.3
Architectural and structural metals manufacturing [BS3323]15,978.2
Boiler, tank and shipping container manufacturing [BS3324]5,843.0
Hardware manufacturing [BS3325]91.2
Spring and wire product manufacturing [BS3326]1,019.1
Machine shops, turned product, and screw, nut and bolt manufacturing [BS3327]8,152.0
Coating, engraving, heat treating and allied activities [BS3328]3,694.2
Cutlery, hand tools and other fabricated metal product manufacturing [BS332A]266,023.6
Machinery manufacturing [BS333]39,043.2
Agricultural, construction and mining machinery manufacturing [BS3331]20,230.1
Industrial, commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing [BS333A]272,109.8
Industrial machinery manufacturing [BS3332]1,125.6
Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing [BS3333]984.2
Ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing [BS3334]4,692.3
Metalworking machinery manufacturing [BS3335]2,288.6
Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing [BS3336]1,072.7
Other general-purpose machinery manufacturing [BS3339]8,649.7
Computer and electronic product manufacturing [BS334]5,253.3
Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing [BS3341]44.7
Communications equipment manufacturing [BS3342]936.5
Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing [BS3344]1,586.3
Other electronic product manufacturing [BS334A]282,685.8
Electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing [BS335]3,966.9
Electric lighting equipment manufacturing [BS3351]73.3
Household appliance manufacturing [BS3352]35.2
Electrical equipment manufacturing [BS3353]1,976.7
Other electrical equipment and component manufacturing [BS3359]1,881.7
Transportation equipment manufacturing [BS336]3,989.2
Motor vehicle manufacturing [BS3361]33.2
Automobile and light-duty motor vehicle manufacturing [BS33611]15.1
Heavy-duty truck manufacturing [BS33612]18.1
Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing [BS3362]2,200.1
Motor vehicle parts manufacturing [BS3363]431.4
Motor vehicle gasoline engine and engine parts manufacturing [BS33631]105.5
Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing [BS33632]0.2
Motor vehicle steering and suspension components (except spring) manufacturing [BS33633]61.0
Motor vehicle brake system manufacturing [BS33634]18.2
Motor vehicle transmission and power train parts manufacturing [BS33635]34.8
Motor vehicle seating and interior trim manufacturing [BS33636]41.2
Motor vehicle metal stamping [BS33637]0.1
Other motor vehicle parts manufacturing [BS33639]170.4
Aerospace product and parts manufacturing [BS3364]1,123.3
Railroad rolling stock manufacturing [BS3365]0.0
Ship and boat building [BS3366]122.9
Other transportation equipment manufacturing [BS3369]78.3
Furniture and related product manufacturing [BS337]6,950.5
Household and institutional furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing [BS3371]4,407.2
Office furniture (including fixtures) manufacturing [BS3372]1,554.8
Other furniture-related product manufacturing [BS3379]988.5
Miscellaneous manufacturing [BS339]8,272.3
Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing [BS3391]2,469.6
Other miscellaneous manufacturing [BS3399]5,802.7
Service-producing businesses292,261,394.6
Wholesale trade [BS41]204,065.2
Farm product wholesaler-distributors [BS411]4,546.2
Petroleum product wholesaler-distributors [BS412]7,840.4
Food, beverage and tobacco wholesaler-distributors [BS413]22,407.8
Personal and household goods wholesaler-distributors [BS414]9,387.0
Motor vehicle and parts wholesaler-distributors [BS415]16,598.1
Building material and supplies wholesaler-distributors [BS416]31,832.6
Machinery, equipment and supplies wholesaler-distributors [BS417]84,297.4
Miscellaneous wholesaler-distributors [BS418]17,623.3
Wholesale electronic markets, and agents and brokers [BS419]9,532.4
Retail trade [BS4A]30376,326.4
Motor vehicle and parts dealers [BS441]65,125.5
Furniture and home furnishings stores [BS442]16,526.2
Electronics and appliance stores [BS443]7,858.3
Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers [BS444]27,587.5
Food and beverage stores [BS445]82,452.6
Health and personal care stores [BS446]32,806.8
Gasoline stations [BS447]19,748.6
Clothing and clothing accessories stores [BS448]39,095.9
Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores [BS451]13,758.8
General merchandise stores [BS452]41,720.1
Miscellaneous store retailers [BS453]21,932.6
Non-store retailers [BS454]7,713.5
Transportation and warehousing [BS4B]239,427.6
Air transportation [BS481]27,511.5
Rail transportation [BS482]15,598.0
Water transportation [BS483]86.8
Truck transportation [BS484]77,813.0
Transit, ground passenger and scenic and sightseeing transportation [BS48Z]3133,616.2
Urban transit systems [BS4851]9,401.4
Taxi and limousine service [BS4853]11,299.1
Other transit and ground passenger transportation and scenic and sightseeing transportation [BS48A]3212,915.7
Support activities for transportation [BS488]24,689.3
Pipeline transportation [BS486]15,912.4
Pipeline transportation of natural gas [BS4862]6,827.2
Crude oil and other pipeline transportation [BS486A]339,085.2
Postal service and couriers and messengers [BS49A]3425,954.5
Postal service [BS491]9,021.9
Couriers and messengers [BS492]16,932.6
Warehousing and storage [BS493]18,245.9
Information and cultural industries [BS51]45,711.3
Publishing industries (except internet) [BS511]9,073.3
Newspaper publishers [BS51111]2,871.6
Periodical, book and directory publishers [BS5111A]351,278.3
Software publishers [BS5112]4,923.4
Motion picture and sound recording industries [BS512]5,649.7
Motion picture and video exhibition [BS51213]2,405.9
Motion picture and video industries (except exhibition) [BS5121A]362,849.7
Sound recording industries [BS5122]394.1
Broadcasting (except internet) [BS515]4,758.1
Radio and television broadcasting [BS5151]4,318.1
Pay and specialty television [BS5152]440.0
Telecommunications [BS517]22,134.7
Data processing, hosting, and related services [BS518]2,366.9
Other information services [BS519]1,728.6
Finance and insurance, and holding companies [BS5B]37187,151.0
Finance and insurance [BS52]157,191.7
Depository credit intermediation and monetary authorities [BS52B]3876,145.7
Monetary authorities - central bank [BS521]9.9
Local credit unions [BS52213]5,832.2
Banking and other depository credit intermediation [BS5221A]3970,303.6
Non-depository credit intermediation [BS5222]6,513.8
Activities related to credit intermediation [BS5223]5,475.6
Insurance carriers and related activities [BS524]39,844.2
Insurance carriers [BS5241]13,583.2
Agencies, brokerages and other insurance related activities [BS5242]26,261.0
Financial investment services, funds and other financial vehicles [BS52A]4029,212.4
Real estate, rental and leasing [BS53]4182,553.9
Real estate [BS531]49,452.0
Lessors of real estate [BS5311]21,138.1
Offices of real estate agents and brokers and activities related to real estate [BS531A]4228,313.9
Rental and leasing services [BS532]31,596.1
Automotive equipment rental and leasing [BS5321]6,169.8
Rental and leasing services (except automotive equipment) [BS532A]4325,426.3
Lessors of non-financial intangible assets (except copyrighted works) [BS533]1,505.8
Professional, scientific and technical services [BS54]270,742.3
Legal, accounting and related services [BS541A]4463,668.5
Legal services [BS5411]26,024.6
Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services [BS5412]37,643.9
Architectural, engineering and related services [BS5413]88,538.2
Other professional, scientific and technical services including scientific research and development [BS541B]4564,286.6
Specialized design services [BS5414]4,839.4
Management, scientific and technical consulting services [BS5416]35,305.2
Scientific research and development services [BS5417]3,511.9
Other professional, scientific and technical services [BS5419]20,630.1
Computer systems design and related services [BS5415]47,448.2
Advertising, public relations, and related services [BS5418]6,800.8
Holding companies [BS551113]29,959.3
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services [BS56]171,426.3
Administrative and support services [BS561]153,084.6
Office administrative services [BS5611]14,475.6
Employment services [BS5613]31,002.2
Business support services [BS5614]8,987.0
Travel arrangement and reservation services [BS5615]5,540.4
Investigation and security services [BS5616]28,180.1
Services to buildings and dwellings [BS5617]52,490.4
Facilities and other support services [BS561A]4612,408.9
Waste management and remediation services [BS562]18,341.7
Educational services [BS61]19,011.3
Private educational services [BS611A]4719,011.3
Health care and social assistance [BS62]160,671.3
Health care [BS62X]48134,102.4
Ambulatory health care services [BS621]107,940.7
Offices of physicians [BS6211]39,909.1
Offices of dentists [BS6212]24,680.6
Miscellaneous ambulatory health care services [BS621A]4943,351.0
Nursing and residential care facilities [BS623]26,161.7
Social assistance [BS624]26,568.9
Arts, entertainment and recreation [BS71]60,503.7
Performing arts, spectator sports and related industries, and heritage institutions [BS71A]5019,991.4
Amusement, gambling and recreation industries [BS713]40,512.3
Gambling industries [BS7132]10,257.2
Amusement and recreation industries [BS713A]5130,255.1
Accommodation and food services [BS72]273,201.7
Accommodation services [BS721]57,647.9
Traveller accommodation [BS7211]49,004.0
RV (recreational vehicle) parks, recreational camps, and rooming and boarding houses [BS721A]528,643.9
Food services and drinking places [BS722]215,553.8
Other private services [BS81]53170,602.6
Repair and maintenance [BS811]89,235.4
Automotive repair and maintenance [BS8111]34,844.9
Repair and maintenance (except automotive) [BS811A]5454,390.5
Personal services and private households [BS81A]5572,066.8
Personal and laundry services [BS812]49,932.4
Funeral services [BS8122]2,340.8
Dry cleaning and laundry services [BS8123]7,673.6
Personal care services and other personal services [BS812A]5639,918.0
Private households [BS814]22,134.4
Professional and similar organizations [BS813B]579,300.4
Business sector industries, excluding farms583,320,620.4
Business sector industries, excluding private households593,391,607.3
Service-producing businesses, excluding private households602,239,260.2
Industrial production61584,487.9
Non-durable manufacturing industries62103,158.8
Durable manufacturing industries63144,370.6
Energy sector64334,147.5
Information and communication sector6579,440.7
Information and communication technology, manufacturing662,567.5
Information and communication technology, services6776,873.2
Non-business sector industries68793,206.4
Non-profit institutions serving households [NP]105,509.4
Non-profit institutions [NP0]105,509.4
Non-profit education institutions [NP6100]10,123.4
Ambulatory health care services [NP6210]1,855.3
Non-profit welfare organizations [NP6240]28,982.7
Non-profit arts, entertainment and recreation [NP7100]9,900.7
Grant-making, civic, and professional and similar organizations [NP813A]25,419.1
Religious organizations [NP8131]14,426.9
Other non-profit institutions serving households [NPA000]14,801.3
Government sector [GS00]687,697.0
Government educational services [GS610]213,372.7
Elementary and secondary schools [GS611100]69145,508.1
Community colleges and C.E.G.E.P.s [GS611200]7014,804.7
Universities [GS611300]52,499.9
Other educational services [GS611A00]71560.0
Government health services [GS620]72240,718.1
Hospitals [GS622000]73176,715.6
Nursing and residential care facilities [GS623000]64,002.5
Federal government services [GS911]48,664.9
Federal government services (excluding defence) [GS911A00]30,005.9
Defence services [GS911100]7418,659.0
Provincial and territorial government services [GS912]7562,754.4
Local, municipal and aboriginal government services [GS91B]76122,186.9
Municipal government services [GS913000]101,126.0
Aboriginal government services [GS914000]21,060.9

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