Multifactor productivity, gross output, value-added, capital, labour and intermediate inputs at a detailed industry level1 2

Frequency: Annual

Table: 36-10-0217-01 (formerly CANSIM 383-0032)

Geography: Canada

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This table displays the results of Multifactor productivity, gross output, value-added, capital, labour and intermediate inputs at a detailed industry level.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Multifactor productivity and related variables, Row 2 is Geography, Row 3 is Reference period.
A symbol legend follows the table.
Multifactor productivity based on gross output 3
Canada (map)
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)20122013201420152016
Index, 2012=100
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 100.000105.591104.896106.564108.051
Crop and animal production 4 100.000106.545105.271107.392110.098
Forestry and logging 100.000100.925102.293101.92799.079
Fishing, hunting and trapping 100.000101.836104.482104.548101.565
Support activities for agriculture and forestry 100.000102.462100.734100.03396.058
Mining and oil and gas extraction 100.00099.591102.785103.529104.726
Oil and gas extraction 100.000100.934104.219106.395108.442
Mining (except oil and gas) 100.00097.650101.451104.831105.192
Support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction 100.00098.012100.63990.62790.779
Utilities 100.00098.51599.41397.62598.509
Electric power generation, transmission and distribution (Terminated) ..........
Natural gas distribution, water and other systems (Terminated) 5 ..........
Construction 100.000100.656100.816100.15599.890
Manufacturing 100.000100.205101.071101.053101.166
Food manufacturing 100.000100.702102.481102.936102.393
Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing 100.00097.91397.31199.795101.288
Textile and textile product mills 6 100.00097.21198.398103.997102.081
Clothing, Leather and allied product manufacturing 7 100.00099.74499.98599.404101.519
Wood product manufacturing 100.000101.215102.323102.051103.694
Paper manufacturing 100.00099.310101.568103.565103.897
Printing and related support activities 100.00098.65899.557102.900104.409
Petroleum and coal products manufacturing 100.000100.880101.679101.765102.071
Chemical manufacturing 100.000101.575101.410102.243103.966
Plastics and rubber products manufacturing 100.000101.857101.660102.256102.467
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing 100.00099.250100.59798.36198.248
Primary metal manufacturing 100.00099.221100.36899.68799.361
Fabricated metal product manufacturing 100.000101.43799.86899.55597.577
Machinery manufacturing 100.00099.852101.170100.14099.149
Computer and electronic product manufacturing 100.00097.965102.405100.597100.003
Electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing 100.00098.85598.39199.333101.128
Transportation equipment manufacturing 100.00099.476100.45699.62099.670
Furniture and related product manufacturing 100.000100.808102.005101.438102.915
Miscellaneous manufacturing 100.000100.83799.39399.100101.121
Wholesale trade 100.000100.980100.89599.05398.999
Retail trade 100.000101.799102.754102.443104.109
Transportation and warehousing 100.00099.146100.10299.27099.131
Air, rail, water and scenic and sightseeing transportation and support activities for transportation (Terminated) 8 ..........
Truck transportation (Terminated) ..........
Transit and ground passenger transportation (Terminated) ..........
Pipeline transportation (Terminated) ..........
Postal service and couriers and messengers (Terminated) 9 ..........
Warehousing and storage (Terminated) ..........
Information and cultural industries 100.000100.04799.96698.44497.565
Motion picture and sound recording industries (Terminated) ..........
Broadcasting, telecommunications, publishing industries and other information services (Terminated) 10 ..........
Finance, insurance, real estate and renting and leasing 11 100.000101.594102.290103.586103.784
Professional, scientific and technical services 100.00099.511101.76499.782100.437
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services 100.00098.82998.64198.87298.509
Administrative and support services (Terminated) ..........
Waste management and remediation services (Terminated) ..........
Educational services (except universities) 12 100.00097.67898.02096.44996.753
Health care and social assistance (except hospitals) 13 100.00099.554100.02698.57397.447
Arts, entertainment and recreation 100.00098.42199.91298.31398.299
Accommodation and food services 100.000101.001102.451102.237101.527
Other services (except public administration) 100.000100.795103.469102.128102.371
Repair and maintenance (Terminated) ..........
Religious, grant-making, civic, and professional and similar organizations (Terminated) ..........
Personal and laundry services and private households (Terminated) 14 ..........

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.. not available for a specific reference period

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