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Archived - Historical: Sources and disposition of gross saving, 1968 System of National Accounts (SNA), quarterly, 1947 - 1997 (x 1,000,000)1

Frequency: Quarterly

Table: 36-10-0139-01 (formerly CANSIM 380-0503)

Geography: Canada

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This table displays the results of Historical: Sources and disposition of gross saving, 1968 System of National Accounts (SNA), quarterly, 1947 - 1997 (x 1,000,000).
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Seasonally adjusted at annual rates
Canada (map)
EstimatesQ2 1996Q3 1996Q4 1996Q1 1997Q2 1997
Total sources 131,900141,860153,508153,400163,348
Saving 35,95242,22445,09644,34844,836
Saving, persons and unincorporated business 26,45222,92017,6728,8005,220
Saving, personal saving 26,07222,38016,6528,1324,640
Saving, adjustment to farm income 2 3805401,020668580
Saving, corporate and government business enterprises 21,26824,14028,08830,26829,964
Saving, undistributed corporation profits 18,73222,70824,31626,38027,780
Saving, unremitted profits of government business enterprises 3,1723,3524,1323,3043,596
Saving, capital assistance 9361,0448481,084864
Saving, inventory valuation adjustment -1,572-2,964-1,208-500-2,276
Saving, government -11,768-4,836-6645,2809,652
Capital consumption allowances 100,172101,312102,524103,444104,540
Capital consumption allowances, persons and unincorporated business 27,25227,57227,66827,86828,084
Capital consumption allowances, government 10,90010,93210,96411,00411,072
Capital consumption allowances, corporations 56,13656,79657,87658,68059,488
Capital consumption allowances, government business enterprises 5,8846,0126,0165,8925,896
Surplus ( - ) or deficit (+) of Canada on current transactions with non-residents 3 -5,096-2,4846,4646,96815,840
Statistical discrepancy 872808-576-1,360-1,868
Total disposition 131,900141,860153,508153,400163,348
Total investment in fixed capital 136,268141,016147,084151,252155,940
Investment in fixed capital, residential construction 41,78043,87646,47647,65649,320
Investment in fixed capital, non-residential construction 45,16844,70844,99245,49646,924
Investment in fixed capital, machinery and equipment 49,32052,43255,61658,10059,696
Total investment in inventories -3,4961,6525,8447885,540
Statistical discrepancy -872-8085801,3601,868

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