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Archived - Food available by major groups in Canada

Frequency: Annual

Table: 32-10-0282-01 (formerly CANSIM 002-0019)


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This table displays the results of Food available by major groups in Canada.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Commodity (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Food categories, Row 2 is Geography, Row 3 is Reference period.
A symbol legend follows the table.
Food available1, 2
Kilograms per person, per year
Total fruits3, 4138.07134.32130.96130.17..
Fresh fruits73.1373.6973.5874.43..
Total processed fruits9.6410.1310.0417.89..
Total processed fruits (fresh equivalent)18.5218.1617.7117.89..
Canned fruits5.335.935.725.66..
Canned fruits (fresh equivalent)6.336.936.606.33..
Frozen fruits2.752.812.973.11..
Frozen fruits (fresh equivalent)2.983.073.203.35..
Dried fruits1.561.391.351.40..
Dried fruits (fresh equivalent)
Litres per person, per year
Fruit juice26.8724.8022.9521.80..
Kilograms per person, per year
Fruit juice (fresh equivalent)46.4142.4839.6737.85..
Total vegetables3, 5175.65170.77176.41173.06..
Total vegetables (excluding potatoes)3, 5111.25107.60113.27111.49..
Fresh vegetables136.32132.54138.38135.17..
Fresh vegetables (excluding potatoes)71.9269.3675.2473.60..
Total processed vegetables17.9617.3717.3917.13..
Total processed vegetables (fresh equivalent)38.1137.1037.0836.97..
Canned vegetables12.7412.5912.4912.43..
Canned vegetables (fresh equivalent)29.3829.3429.0329.21..
Frozen vegetables5.224.784.904.70..
Frozen vegetables (fresh equivalent)8.737.768.057.76..
Litres per person, per year
Vegetable juice1.211.140.960.91..
Kilograms per person, per year
Vegetable juice (fresh equivalent)
Litres per person, per year
Total juices28.0825.9423.9122.72..
Kilograms per person, per year
Oils and fats27.0426.1125.7724.57..
Cereal products82.2479.0879.7176.95..
Litres per person, per year
Total beverages and juices..........
Alcoholic beverages, total population89.2290.0689.2187.29..
Alcoholic beverages, population 15 years old and over107.58108.29107.02104.49..
Non-alcoholic beverages (includes juices)..........
Kilograms per person, per year
Total dairy products623.4322.8422.1921.72..
Litres per person, per year
Fluid milk83.0181.9281.2777.98..
Total creams8.728.458.418.21..
Kilograms per person, per year
Total cheeses12.3212.3912.4212.41..
Other dairy products27.0726.4125.0425.73..
Red meats, carcass weight59.0456.1155.4352.7151.69
Red meats, boneless weight41.3639.2638.9436.9535.99
Red meats, retail weight44.4442.2141.8239.7238.76
Poultry, boneless weight23.8824.1123.7123.5923.51
Poultry, eviscerated weight38.2638.5737.9637.8237.72
Dozens per person, per year
Kilograms per person, per year
Pulses and nuts8.788.748.198.51..
Sugars and syrups31.7232.0933.2931.24..

Symbol legend:

.. not available for a specific reference period


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