Stocks of frozen poultry meat1 2

Frequency: Monthly

Table: 32-10-0122-01 (formerly CANSIM 003-0023)

Geography: Canada, Geographical region of Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Stocks of frozen poultry meat.
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CommodityApril 2020May 2020June 2020July 2020August 2020
Grade A chickens, under 2 kilograms, total 470578631643688
Other chicken, under 2 kilograms, total 170502476538782
Grade A chickens, 2 kilograms and over, total 231343337286318
Other chicken, 2 kilograms and over, total 3315501,011949696
Chicken further processed, total 53,84455,68754,60050,06648,148
Reported Grade A fowl, total 202290273273124
Other fowl, total 1,7421,3681,1181,3371,094
Grade A turkeys, 5 kilograms and under, total 2,1042,2282,2042,5382,557
Other turkey, 5 kilograms and under, total 1,1331,0011,2771,4111,542
Grade A turkeys, over 5 kilograms but not more than 7 kilograms, total 4,5325,9477,2029,2328,593
Other turkey, over 5 kilograms but not more than 7 kilograms, total 2,0802,0622,8573,3233,709
Grade A turkeys, over 7 kilograms, total 3,3704,0834,6146,8567,376
Other turkey, over 7 kilograms, total 1,7502,1482,5302,8283,224
Turkey further processed, total 8,6749,3809,2429,55210,529
Turkeys, total 1 23,64426,84929,92535,74137,530
Ducks, total 1,8872,1952,4042,3781,819
Geese, total 119117133127130
Poultry unclassified 1,9722,4602,1692,1042,249
All poultry meat, total 84,61290,94093,07894,44193,580
Chicken cuts, total 28,11730,47429,98325,61023,995
Processed chicken, total 25,72725,21324,61724,45524,153
Chickens, total 1 55,04657,66057,05652,48250,633

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