Canadian passenger bus and urban transit industries, revenue, selected provinces and regions1, 2

Frequency: Annual

Table: 23-10-0088-01 (formerly CANSIM 408-0012)

Release date: 2019-07-02

Geography: Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Canadian passenger bus and urban transit industries, revenue, selected provinces and regions.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Geography, Revenue and expenses (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Reference period.
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GeographyRevenue and expenses20132014201520162017
Total operating and non-operating revenue (x 1,000)16,484,83717,605,15818,562,79018,896,43220,315,164
Total operating revenue (x 1,000)11,867,89712,113,88312,138,42812,431,99912,755,002
Urban transit and commuter services revenue3..4,450,6124,582,3634,797,5474,525,143
Urban transit services revenue (Terminated) (x 1,000)4,094,425t..t..t..t..t
Commuter services revenue (Terminated) (x 1,000)95,172t..t..t..t..t
Urban transit services revenue for persons with disabilities or seniors (Terminated) (x 1,000)144,191t..t..t..t..t
Scheduled intercity services revenue (x 1,000)451,863451,630366,524188,560265,384
School bus services revenue4..1,875,8501,727,4791,710,7381,836,567
School bus services revenue (Terminated) (x 1,000)1,601,947t..t..t..t..t
School bus charter services revenue (Terminated) (x 1,000)153,843t..t..t..t..t
Motor coach charter services revenue (x 1,000)491,734536,502504,447534,847543,970
Local sightseeing services revenue (x 1,000)49,98355,84750,95542,74967,280
Shuttle and other passenger bus services revenue..515,033441,132498,903367,783
Shuttle services revenue (Terminated) (x 1,000)70,383t..t..t..t..t
Bus parcel express revenue (x 1,000)76,00875,96067,82552,23354,768
Other passenger bus services revenue (Terminated) (x 1,000)445,388t..t..t..t..t
Other operating revenues and operating subsidies (x 1,000)4,192,9594,152,4484,397,7044,606,4235,094,106
Total non-operating revenue (x 1,000)4,616,9405,491,2756,424,3626,464,4337,560,162
Capital subsidies (x 1,000)4,222,6475,013,908x5,807,233x
Other non-operating revenues (x 1,000)394,293477,367x652,705x
Total operating and non-operating expenses (x 1,000)12,652,55913,149,88813,215,65314,106,13214,555,590
Total operating expenses (x 1,000)12,406,43212,842,72012,878,22313,724,37114,263,781
Total operating expenses excluding depreciation (x 1,000)11,012,81211,210,32911,142,08611,659,03312,225,542
Human resource expenses (x 1,000)7,261,8607,415,5857,458,5238,007,2027,979,130
Vehicle energy expenses (x 1,000)1,174,5091,235,3681,091,5301,058,1541,224,817
Vehicle maintenance expenses (x 1,000)810,577862,185870,2731,049,1491,115,174
Other operating expenses excluding depreciation (x 1,000)1,765,8971,697,1911,721,7601,544,5281,906,421
Depreciation (x 1,000)1,393,6201,632,3911,736,1372,065,3382,038,239
Interest and other non-operating expenses (x 1,000)246,126307,168337,430381,761291,809

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.. not available for a specific reference period
x suppressed to meet the confidentiality requirements of the Statistics Act

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