Consumer Price Index, by geography, monthly, percentage change, not seasonally adjusted, provinces, Whitehorse and Yellowknife1 2 3

Frequency: Monthly

Table: 18-10-0004-11

Geography: Canada, Province or territory, Census subdivision, Census metropolitan area, Census metropolitan area part

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This table displays the results of Consumer Price Index, by geography, monthly, percentage change, not seasonally adjusted, provinces, Whitehorse and Yellowknife.
The table type is Percentage Change.
The information is grouped by Products and product groups (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Reference period.
Canada (map)
Products and product groups3 4 August 2019July 2020August 2020July 2020 to August 2020August 2019 to August 2020
2002=100Percentage change
All-items 136.8137.2137.0-0.10.1
Food 5 151.1155.0153.8-0.81.8
Food purchased from stores 148.4152.9150.8-1.41.6
Meat 167.3175.5170.4-2.91.9
Dairy products and eggs 137.9141.2142.30.83.2
Bakery and cereal products (excluding baby food) 156.8156.9157.80.60.6
Fresh fruit 132.7139.7138.3-1.04.2
Fresh vegetables 157.4168.9160.9-4.72.2
Food purchased from restaurants 5 157.4160.2160.70.32.1
Shelter 6 144.6146.4146.80.31.5
Rented accommodation 125.3125.9127.00.91.4
Owned accommodation 149.0151.9152.00.12.0
Homeowners' replacement cost 167.1170.1170.50.22.0
Homeowners' home and mortgage insurance 7 249.7262.9262.90.05.3
Homeowners' maintenance and repairs 140.5141.4141.50.10.7
Water, fuel and electricity 159.3158.1158.50.3-0.5
Electricity 146.0147.1147.10.00.8
Natural gas 114.0112.7113.50.7-0.4
Fuel oil and other fuels 229.5185.1187.31.2-18.4
Household operations, furnishings and equipment 123.5124.2124.0-0.20.4
Telephone services 8 117.8110.4109.2-1.1-7.3
200212=100Percentage change
Internet access services (200212=100) 9 120.5122.7120.9-1.50.3
2002=100Percentage change
Household furnishings and equipment 97.799.399.90.62.3
Clothing and footwear 94.792.193.51.5-1.3
Women's clothing 79.375.976.81.2-3.2
Men's clothing 92.889.491.32.1-1.6
Footwear 94.291.692.71.2-1.6
Transportation 143.3142.8141.5-0.9-1.3
Private transportation 138.4139.1138.3-0.6-0.1
Purchase and leasing of passenger vehicles 104.1107.5106.4-1.02.2
Gasoline 170.9153.1151.9-0.8-11.1
Passenger vehicle insurance premiums 10 188.4197.6198.10.35.1
Public transportation 189.1175.8169.9-3.4-10.2
Health and personal care 127.8128.8129.60.61.4
Health care 130.0132.1131.2-0.70.9
Personal care 125.8125.3128.42.52.1
Recreation, education and reading 119.8116.3116.1-0.2-3.1
Recreation 106.0102.4102.2-0.2-3.6
Education and reading 167.1164.1163.9-0.1-1.9
Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and recreational cannabis 171.1172.0171.8-0.10.4
Alcoholic beverages 131.0131.9131.90.00.7
Tobacco products and smokers' supplies 232.4244.5244.80.15.3
All-items excluding food 134.0133.9133.8-0.1-0.1
All-items excluding food and energy 11 131.3131.9131.90.00.5
All-items excluding energy 11 134.8136.0135.7-0.20.7
All-items excluding gasoline 135.4136.4136.2-0.10.6
Energy 11 159.3149.7149.3-0.3-6.3

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