Barriers in the workplace for adults with disabilities1 2 3 4 5

Frequency: Occasional

Table: 13-10-0352-01 (formerly CANSIM 115-0010)

Geography: Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Barriers in the workplace for adults with disabilities.
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Canada (map)
Total, 15 to 64 years
Barriers to trainingNumber of persons Percentage
Reasons prevented from taking work-related training courses 247,97010.6
Location was not physically accessible to you 35,8805.2
Courses were not adapted to the needs of your condition 23,780E3.4E
You requested courses, but were denied them (by employer) 24,700E3.6E
Your condition 82,48011.9
Inadequate transportation 17,8002.6
Too costly 71,67010.3
Too busy 74,08010.7
Other reason 57,9508.3

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