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Monthly average retail prices for food and other selected products 1, 2, 3

Frequency: Monthly

Table: 18-10-0002-01 (formerly CANSIM 326-0012)

Geography: Canada

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This table displays the results of Monthly average retail prices for food and other selected products.
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Canada (map)
ProductsNovember 2020December 2020January 2021February 2021March 2021
Round steak, 1 kilogram18.0717.6617.8117.8617.97
Sirloin steak, 1 kilogram22.5422.6522.6822.4323.03
Prime rib roast, 1 kilogram35.5737.1937.6636.3536.66
Blade roast, 1 kilogram16.5916.5016.2517.1715.49
Stewing beef, 1 kilogram16.5015.8215.8815.8315.40
Ground beef, 1 kilogram11.1611.0211.5511.0611.22
Pork chops, 1 kilogram12.0311.7112.0711.5511.48
Chicken, 1 kilogram7.427.647.357.007.73
Bacon, 500 grams7.407.397.327.447.29
Wieners, 450 grams4.934.904.865.024.73
Canned salmon, 213 grams6.666.536.676.606.48
Homogenized milk, 4 litres5.875.825.846.036.06
Partly skimmed milk, 4 litres5.305.305.305.485.49
Butter, 454 grams5.295.275.405.295.56
Processed cheese slices, 250 grams2.762.782.692.792.84
Evaporated milk, 385 millilitres1.861.731.932.021.82
Eggs, 1 dozen3.653.663.643.623.77
Bread, 675 grams2.752.822.792.872.82
Soda crackers, 450 grams3.403.483.263.353.42
Macaroni, 500 grams1.601.551.621.691.66
Flour, 2.5 kilograms4.274.084.324.424.39
Corn flakes, 675 grams5.985.805.845.735.69
Apples, 1 kilogram4.474.514.534.494.57
Bananas, 1 kilogram1.571.571.561.571.56
Oranges, 1 kilogram4.063.863.593.773.61
Apple juice, 1.36 litres2.072.242.302.302.38
Orange juice, 1 litre4.124.234.404.464.41
Carrots, 1 kilogram2.
Mushrooms, 1 kilogram9.119.409.429.029.26
Onions, 1 kilogram2.
Potatoes, 4.54 kilograms9.579.7610.3410.0910.31
French fried potatoes, frozen, 1 kilogram3.
Baked beans, canned, 398 millilitres1.351.351.321.351.25
Tomatoes, canned, 796 millilitres1.461.481.451.481.49
Tomato juice, 1.36 litres2.972.932.982.913.03
Ketchup, 1 litre3.973.953.753.843.90
Sugar, white, 2 kilograms2.242.172.412.372.40
Coffee, roasted, 300 grams4.945.
Coffee, instant, 200 grams6.876.746.546.196.32
Tea (72 bags)
Cooking or salad oil, 1 litre2.963.
Soup, canned, 284 millilitres1.
Baby food, 128 millilitres1.571.531.521.551.58
Peanut butter, 500 grams2.842.812.712.802.93
Paper towels (2 rolls)3.333.333.173.123.10
Facial tissue (200 tissues)2.812.612.772.472.77
Bathroom tissue (4 rolls)2.672.742.792.692.76
Shampoo, 300 millilitres3.993.944.043.983.91
Deodorant, 60 grams4.
Toothpaste, 100 millilitres3.533.383.393.373.38
Cigarettes (200)129.00128.78129.91131.31131.71
Cents per litre
Regular, unleaded gasoline at self-service stations, cents per litre101.1104.4111.0118.2125.0

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