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Rail industry origin and destination of transported commodities 1

Frequency: Annual

Table: 23-10-0062-01 (formerly CANSIM 404-0021)

Geography: Geographical region of Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Rail industry origin and destination of transported commodities.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Commodities and commodity groups (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, origin of commodities, Row 2 is Geography, destination of commodities, Row 3 is Reference period.
Total tonnage from all origins
Total tonnage for all destinations
Commodities and commodity groups20132014201520162017
Other metallic ores and concentrates 49,20822,56517,73719,76014,430
Coal 50,070,42547,329,02741,013,24637,797,31944,285,934
Gasoline and aviation turbine fuel 3,221,5392,744,1182,732,7583,153,5973,092,762
Fuel oils and crude petroleum 14,666,08020,885,85516,966,38010,913,70113,302,477
Gaseous hydrocarbons, including liquid petroleum gas (LPG's) 4,791,2725,011,0115,504,6816,257,6807,128,161
Coal coke and petroleum coke 2,682,4182,420,6672,153,6662,300,1252,954,121
Other refined petroleum and coal products 5,648,5725,325,0315,403,5975,034,7715,173,631

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How to cite:   Statistics Canada.  Table  23-10-0062-01   Rail industry origin and destination of transported commodities

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