5. Content Determination Summary

Tables 4 and 5 present a summary of all the topics received through submissions, the type of testing done and a general assessment.

The proposed modifications to existing CEAG questions are included in Table 4. The first group (4A) covers comments received related to the content identified as core content on the discussion questionnaire. The second and third group (4B and 4C) include steps and detailed answer fields identified as potential for removal in the discussion questionnaire. Within a group, topics are presented in alphabetical order.

Table 5 focuses on new topics submitted by data users. Again, topics are presented in alphabetical order. In both tables, topics are not ordered by level of interest, scoring points, importance or relevance.

For example, in Table 5, the fourth topic is Direct Marketing: the topic was tested in Modular Phase 1 (MP1) and Modular Phase 2 (MP2), Integrated Test-paper questionnaire (IT1) and Integrated Test - electronic questionnaire (IT2). Comments appear in the last column.

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