Preliminary 2021 Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Delineation
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Table B1
Provincial/Territorial abbreviations
Table summary
This table displays the results of Provincial/Territorial abbreviations. The information is grouped by Province (appearing as row headers), English abbreviation and French abbreviation (appearing as column headers).
Province/Territory English abbreviation French abbreviation
Newfoundland and Labrador N.L. T.-N.-L.
Prince Edward Island P.E.I. Î.-P.-É.
Nova Scotia N.S. N.-É.
New Brunswick N.B. N.-B.
Quebec Que. Qc
Ontario Ont. Ont.
Manitoba Man. Man.
Saskatchewan Sask. Sask.
Alberta Alta. Alb.
British Columbia B.C. C.-B.
Yukon Y.T. Yn
Northwest Territories N.W.T. T.N.-O.
Nunavut Nvt. Nt
Table B2
Census subdivision type, as of September 2018
Table summary
This table displays the results of Census subdivision type. The information is grouped by Abbreviation (appearing as row headers), Census subdivision type (appearing as column headers).
Abbreviation Census subdivision type
C City / Cité
CC Chartered community
CG Community government
CN Crown colony / Colonie de la couronne
CT Canton (municipalité de)
CU Cantons unis (municipalité de)
CV City / Ville
CY City
DM District municipality
FD Fire District
HAM Hamlet
ID Improvement district
IGD Indian government district
IM Island municipality
IRI Indian reserve / Réserve indienne
LGD Local government district
M Municipality / Municipalité
MD Municipal district
MRM Regional Municipality / Municipalité régionale
MU Municipality
NH Northern hamlet
NL Nisga'a land
NO Unorganized / Non organisé
NV Northern village
P Parish / Paroisse (municipalité de)
PE Paroisse (municipalité de)
RCR Rural community / Communauté rurale
RDA Regional district electoral area
RGM Regional municipality
RM Rural municipality
RMU Resort Municipality
RV Resort village
S-É Indian settlement / Établissement indien
SA Special area
SC Subdivision of county municipality / Subdivision municipalité de comté
Settlement / Établissement
SET Settlement
SG Self-government / Autonomie gouvernementale
SM Specialized municipality
SNO Subdivision of unorganized / Subdivision non organisée
SV Summer village
T Town
TC Terres réservées aux Cris
TI Terre inuite
TK Terres réservées aux Naskapis
TL Teslin land
TP Township
TV Town / Ville
V Ville
VC Village cri
VK Village naskapi
VL Village
VN Village nordique
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