Table 4.2
Street type

Table 4.2
Street type
Table summary
This table displays the results of Street type. The information is grouped by Type (appearing as row headers), Description (appearing as column headers).
Type Description
N/A not applicable
< Null > no type
ABBEY Abbey (E)
ACCESS Access (E)
ACRES Acres (E)
AIRE Aire (E)
ALLEY Alley (E)
ALLÉE Allée (F)
AUT Autoroute (F)
AV Avenue (F)
AVE Avenue (E)
BAY Bay (E)
BEACH Beach (E)
BEND Bend (E)
BLOC Bloc (F)
BLOCK Block (E)
BLVD Boulevard (E)
BOUL Boulevard (F)
BOURG Bourg (F)
BRGE Barrage (F)
BROOK Brook (E)
BYPASS By-pass (E)
BYWAY Byway (E)
C Centre (F)
CAMPUS Campus (E)
CAPE Cape (E)
CAR Carré (F)
CARREF Carrefour (F)
CDS Cul-de-sac (E)
CERCLE Cercle (F)
CH Chemin (F)
CHASE Chase (E)
CIR Circle (E)
CIRCT Circuit (F)
CLOSE Close (E)
COMMON Common (E)
CONC Concession (E)
CÔTE Côte (F)
COUR Cour (F)
COURS Cours (F)
COVE Cove (E)
CRES Crescent (E)
CREST Crest (E)
CRNRS Corners (E)
CROFT Croft (E)
CROIS Croissant (F)
CROSS Crossing (E)
CRSSRD Crossroads (E)
CRT Court (E)
CTR Centre (E)
DALE Dale (E)
DELL Dell (E)
DESSTE Desserte (F)
DIVERS Diversion (E)
DOWNS Downs (E)
DR Drive (E)
DRPASS Droit de passage (F)
ÉCH Échangeur (F)
END End (E)
ESPL Esplanade (E)
ESTATE Estates (E)
EXPY Expressway (E)
EXTEN Extension (E)
FARM Farm (E)
FIELD Field (E)
FOREST Forest (E)
FRONT Front (E)
FSR Forest service road (E)
FWY Freeway (E)
GATE Gate (E)
GDNS Gardens (E)
GLADE Glade (E)
GLEN Glen (E)
GREEN Green (E)
GRNDS Grounds (E)
GROVE Grove (E)
HARBR Harbour (E)
HAVEN Haven (E)
HEATH Heath (E)
HGHLDS Highlands (E)
HILL Hill (E)
HOLLOW Hollow (E)
HTS Heights (E)
HWY Highway (E)
ÎLE Île (F)
IMP Impasse (F)
INLET Inlet (E)
ISLAND Island (E)
KEY Key (E)
KNOLL Knoll (E)
LANDNG Landing (E)
LANE Lane (E)
LANEWY Laneway (E)
LINE Line (E)
LINK Link (E)
LKOUT Lookout (E)
LMTS Limits (E)
LOOP Loop (E)
MALL Mall (E)
MANOR Manor (E)
MAZE Maze (E)
MEADOW Meadow (E)
MEWS Mews (E)
MONTÉE Montée (F)
MOOR Moor (E)
MOUNT Mount (E)
MTN Mountain (E)
ORCH Orchard (E)
PARADE Parade (E)
PARC Parc (F)
PASS Passage (E)
PATH Path (E)
PEAK Peak (E)
PINES Pines (E)
PK Park (E)
PKY Parkway (E)
PL Place (E)
PLACE Place (F)
PLAT Plateau (E)
PLAZA Plaza (E)
POINTE Pointe (E)
PORT Port (E)
PROM Promenade (F)
PT Point (E)
PTWAY Pathway (E)
PVT Private (E)
QUAI Quai (F)
QUAY Quay (E)
RAMP Ramp (E)
RANG Rang (F)
RD Road (E)
RDPT Rond point (F)
REACH Reach (E)
RG Range (E)
RIDGE Ridge (E)
RISE Rise (E)
RLE Ruelle (F)
ROUTE Route (F)
ROW Row (E)
RTE Route (E)
RTOFWY Right of way (E)
RUE Rue (F)
RUIS Ruisseau (F)
RUN Run (E)
SECTN Section (E)
SENT Sentier (F)
SIDERD Sideroad (E)
SQ Square (E)
ST Street (E)
STROLL Stroll (E)
SUBDIV Subdivision (E)
TERR Terrace (E)
THICK Thicket (E)
TLINE Townline (E)
TOWERS Towers (E)
TRACE Trace (E)
TRAIL Trail (E)
TRNABT Turnabout (E)
TRUNK Trunk (E)
TSSE Terrasse (F)
VALE Vale (E)
VIA Via (E)
VIEW View (E)
VILLAS Villas (E)
VILLGE Village (E)
VISTA Vista (E)
VOIE Voie (F)
WALK Walk (E)
WAY Way (E)
WHARF Wharf (E)
WOOD Wood (E)
WYND Wynd (E)
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