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  • The 2014 Road Network File contains information such as street arc unique identifier, street name, type, direction, address range and class. As well, the unique identifier, name and type for each side of a street arc (where applicable) are included for the following geographic levels:
    • province or territory
    • census subdivision
  • The 2014 Road Network File includes updates to the road network that were made using the following provincially-sourced data:
    • Ontario Road Network (ORN) in four census divisions in Ontario: Cochrane (3556), Thunder Bay (3558), Rainy River (3559) and Kenora (3560)
    • Alberta in nine census divisions: Division No. 1 (4801), Division No. 2 (4802), Division No. 7 (4807), Division No. 8 (4808), Division No. 9 (4809), Division No. 12 (4812), Division No. 13 (4813), Division No. 15 (4815) and Division No. 18 (4818).
  • The result of this effort is an improvement in the representation of the road network.
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