Table 4.15
Population centre boundary files record layout

Table 4.15
Population centre boundary files record layout
Table summary
This table displays the results of Population centre boundary files record layout. The information is grouped by Attribute name (appearing as row headers), Data type and Description (appearing as column headers).
Attribute name Data type Description
FID Object ID (4) Specific to ArcGIS®.
Shape Geometry Specific to ArcGIS®.
DigitalBoundary CartographicBoundary MultiPolygon PropertyType Shape geometry; specific to Geography Markup Language.
PCUID Character (4) Uniquely identifies a population centre
PCNAME Character (100) Population centre name
PCTYPE Character (1) Population centre type
PCPUID Character (6) Uniquely identifies the provincial or territorial part of an population centre (composed of the 2-digit province or territory unique identifier followed by the 4-digit population centre unique identifier)
PCCLASS Character (1) Identifies whether a population centre is small, medium or large urban.
PRUID Character (2) Uniquely identifies a province or territory.
PRNAME Character (100) Province or territory name.
CMAUID Character (3) Uniquely identifies a census metropolitan area/census agglomeration.
CMANAME Character (100) Census metropolitan area or census agglomeration name.
CMATYPE Character (1) A one character field indicating whether the unit is a census metropolitan area, a tracted census agglomeration or a non-tracted census agglomeration.
CMAPUID Character (5) Uniquely identifies the provincial/territorial part of a census metropolitan area/census agglomeration in Canada (composed of the 2-digit province/territory unique identifier followed by the 3-digit census metropolitan area/census agglomeration code).
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