Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 2012

    Labour force characteristics of the Métis: Findings from the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey


    • According to the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, the employment rate for the Métis population was 64.0%; this compares with a rate of 63.8% observed in the 2001 APS.
    • The provinces with the highest employment rates were Alberta (68.1%), Manitoba (67.6%), British Columbia (66.1%) and Saskatchewan (65.9%).
    • The unemployment rate of Métis was 9.2% in 2012; while, according to the 2001 APS, the unemployment rate of Métis was 12.0%.
    • The highest unemployment rates were in the Atlantic Provinces (13.1%E), Quebec (12.1%E) and Ontario (11.7%E).
    • The most common industries in which Métis men were employed were construction (17.0%), manufacturing (11.3%), retail trade (8.5%) and transportation and warehousing (8.5%).
    • The most common industries for Métis women were health care and social assistance (22.6%), retail trade (12.7%), educational services (11.2%) and accommodation and food services (10.5%).
    • The most common occupational groups for Métis men were trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations (34.7%) and sales and service occupations (22.6%).
    • Just over one-third (36.2%) of employed Métis women worked in sales and service occupations, while another 24.4% worked in business, finance and administrative occupations.
    • The most commonly reported ways that unemployed Métis searched for work was by contacting potential employer(s) directly (57.6%) and by searching the Internet (56.9%).
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