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Education Pathways

The title of the figure is “Education Pathways.”

This figure shows the path that an individual may follow as he or she enters the formal school system.

Some individuals fulfill the requirements for a high school diploma or equivalent – they are known as “Completers.”

Completers may follow a “direct” or “indirect” path to completion.

“Direct” path refers to individuals who stayed in school and received a high school diploma with no breaks in attendance.

“Indirect” path refers to individuals who left school one or more times but received their high school credentials either by returning to school or completing a high school equivalency program.

Some  individuals who leave school may return for a period of time but do not complete the requirements for a high school diploma or equivalency. There are also individuals who were enrolled in a high school equivalency program at the time of the survey.  These two groups are known as “Leavers.”

Completers and Leavers may pursue education beyond high school level.

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