Table 8
Type of perceived discrimination by labour force status, Canada, 2006

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Type of discrimination by labour force status Labour force activity
Employed Unemployed Not in the
labour force
Discriminatory questions*:"Do you believe that because of your condition you have been…"
refused a job interview 5.5 18.3 7.7 3.3E
refused a job 7.6 25.5 12.7 6.8E
refused a job promotion 5.5 11.2E 6.1 4.1E
given less responsibility… 6.3 9.7E 7.9 4.6E
denied a workplace accomodation 3.1 7.6E 5.9 3.6E
paid less than other workers in similar jobs 5.2 6.3E 5.3E 4.4E
denied other work-related benefits 1.9E 5.0E 4.7E 3.2E
exposed to some other kind of discrimination 7.4 14.8E 10.5 5.1E
Discriminatory questions*:"… in terms of employment…"
do you consider yourself to be disadvantaged… 24.7 46.3 58.0 47.8
do you believe that your employer or potential employer would likely to consider you disadvantaged… 30.4 41.1 54.1 49.9
* Proxy respondents were excluded.
Source: Statistics Canada, Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, 2006