Table 6.5-1
Type of disability for adults and children with disabilities by province, 2006

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Canada1,2 N.L. P.E.I. N.S. N.B. Que. Ont. Man. Sask. Alta. B.C. Nvt. N.W.T. Y.T. Territories
Total - all ages 127,490 2,210 850 4,850 4,180 22,520 47,480 5,750 4,780 13,770 20,760E 140E 100E 100E
Total - aged less than 15 years 8,100 160E x 280E 290E 1,780E 2,430E 290E 330E 1,300E 1,180E 50E
0 to 4 1,810E x x x x x x
5 to 14 6,280 130E x 190E 260E 1,490E x 260E 310E 1,240E 880E 40E
Total - aged 15 years and over 119,390 2,050 830 4,580 3,880 20,740 45,050 5,460E 4,450 12,470 19,580E 120E 80E 90E
15 to 64 68,080 810E 460E 2,790E 1,920E 13,600 24,240E 2,790E 2,170E 8,110E 10,960E 100E 70E 70E
15 to 24 9,540 190E x 450E 300E 1,350E 3,650E 370E 310E 1,360E 1,500E
25 to 44 23,880 x 150E 650E 580E 5,170E 10,840E 900E 790E 1,840E 2,720E
45 to 64 34,660 x 280E F 1,040E 7,090E x F 1,060E 4,910E x 60E 50E
65 and over 51,310 1,240E 370E 1,790E 1,960E 7,140E 20,810E 2,680E 2,280E 4,360E 8,620E
65 to 74 22,950 530E 170E 900E 1,030E 3,230E 7,360E F F x 5,840E
75 and over 28,370E F F x F x 13,450E 1,500E F F x
1. The Canada total includes the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
2. The sum of the values for each category may differ from the total due to rounding.
Source: Statistics Canada, Participation and Activitiy Limitation Survey, 2006.