Table 10-1
Business enterprise research and development extramural payments by industry — And by year

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Business enterprise research and development extramural payments by industry — And by year
  2009 2010 2011 r 2012 r 2013 p
  millions of dollars
Total all industries 3,681 A 2,928 A 2,994 A 3,169 A 3,310 A
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 21 A 18 A x 13 A x
Agriculture 13 A 13 A x 10 A A
Forestry, logging and support activities for forestry A x x A x
Fishing, hunting, trapping and animal aquaculture A x A A A
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 98 A 155 B 140 C 210 A 192 B
Oil and gas extraction, contract drilling and related services 65 A 127 B 104 D 172 A 158 C
Mining and quarrying, contract drilling and related support activities 33 A 28 D 36 A 38 A 35 A
Utilities 106 A 99 D 112 A 130 A x
Electric power generation, transmission and distribution 100 A 91 D 105 A x x
Other utilities A A A x x
Construction 25 D 20 A x 16 A x
Manufacturing 1,193 A 822 A 935 A 755 A 992 B
Food manufacturing 26 A 26 A 19 D 19 A x
Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing A A A A A
Textile mills and textile product mills A A x x A
Wood product manufacturing 21 A 12 A x x 13 A
Paper manufacturing 15 A 13 A x 18 A 18 A
Printing and related support activities A A A C A
Petroleum and coal products manufacturing 12 A 10 A x x x
Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing 457 A 170 A 107 A 158 A 182 A
Other chemicals manufacturing 107 B 88 A x 75 A 59 E
Plastic product manufacturing 19 C 16 A 15 A 15 A x
Rubber product manufacturing A A A A A
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing E 10 A A A A
Primary metal (ferrous) manufacturing B x x x x
Primary metal (non-ferrous) manufacturing 17 A 21 A x x x
Fabricated metal product manufacturing 26 A 24 A x x x
Machinery manufacturing 59 A x x 55 A x
Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing A A x A x
Communications equipment manufacturing 144 A 86 A 103 D 43 A x
Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing 14 A 15 A x x x
Navigational, measuring, medical and control instrument manufacturing 32 A 43 A 84 A 28 A 56 A
Other computer and electronic products manufacturing E A A A A
Electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing 21 A 16 A 10 A x x
Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing 79 C 69 C 84 A x x
Aerospace products and parts manufacturing 70 B 97 A 162 A x x
All other transportation equipment manufacturing 13 D 11 A A x x
Furniture and related product manufacturing A A A A A
Other manufacturing industries 25 A 23 A 30 A 39 A x
Services 2,238 A 1,814 A 1,750 A 2,044 A 1,879 A
Wholesale trade 611 A 408 A 308 A 444 A 407 A
Retail trade 15 A x 16 A 15 A 10 A
Transportation and warehousing 49 A x 27 A 29 B 42 A
Information and cultural industries 553 B 536 A 462 A 394 A 387 A
Finance, insurance and real estate 123 A 94 A 91 D 304 B 279 A
Architectural, engineering and related services 84 A x 73 A 70 A 65 A
Computer systems design and related services 154 C 152 A 275 A 276 A 151 A
Management, scientific and technical consulting services 21 A x 27 A 29 A 30 A
Scientific research and development services 511 A 347 A 336 A 365 A 353 A
Health care and social assistance 36 A 29 A 36 A 36 A 47 A
All other services 81 A x 98 A 81 A 110 A
Extramural payments are expenditures made for R&D performed by other organizations in Canada and/or in other countries. Other organizations include parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, other non-related companies, private non-profit organizations, universities, hospitals, industrial research institutes or associations, provincial research organizations, and other organizations including governments and individuals. Extramural R&D payments include expenditures by companies that performed R&D and companies that only made payments for R&D to other organizations. Components may not add to totals due to rounding. Tax data include extramural payments for R&D in Canada only; extramural payments for R&D outside of Canada were imputed for these records (see Survey Methodology).
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