Table 8
Total expenditures on policing, 2010

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Total expenditures on policing, 2010

Table summary
This table displays the results of total expenditures on policing. The information is grouped by province or territory (appearing as row headers), municipal, provincial, total, change from previous year, federal and expenditures total, calculated using thousands of dollars and percent units of measure (appearing as column headers).

Province or territory MunicipalNote 1 ProvincialNote 1 TotalNote 2 Change from previous year FederalNote 3 Expenditures totalNote 4 Change from previous year
  thousands of dollars percent thousands of dollars percent
Newfoundland and LabradorNote 5 Note ...: not applicable 110,266 110,266 4.3 25,271 135,537 4.6
Prince Edward Island 11,852 12,793 24,645 3.5 5,835 30,480 3.3
Nova Scotia 128,873 93,076 221,949 6.0 42,408 264,357 5.8
New Brunswick 88,367 65,308 153,675 3.9 30,085 183,760 3.5
Quebec 1,370,987 860,987 2,231,974 3.0 Note ...: not applicable 2,231,974 3.0
OntarioNote 6 3,402,287 804,035 4,206,322 6.3 Note ...: not applicable 4,206,322 6.3
Manitoba 230,303 98,019 328,322 6.2 49,756 378,078 6.3
SaskatchewanNote 7 145,814 122,553 268,367 5.7 55,130 323,497 5.9
Alberta 812,466 208,804 1,021,269 11.8 113,489 1,134,759 12.0
British Columbia 835,674 310,190 1,145,864 4.1 190,384 1,336,248 3.7
Yukon Note ...: not applicable 18,287 18,287 18.1 7,837 26,124 18.1
Northwest Territories Note ...: not applicable 33,708 33,708 6.9 14,446 48,154 6.9
Nunavut Note ...: not applicable 28,296 28,296 7.6 12,127 40,423 7.6
Provincial and territorial
7,026,624 2,766,321 9,792,945 5.8 546,768 10,339,713 5.8
Other Royal Canadian Mounted
Police expendituresNote 8
Note ...: not applicable Note ...: not applicable Note ...: not applicable Note ...: not applicable 2,305,903 2,305,903 -9.2
Canada 7,026,624 2,766,321 9,792,945 5.8 2,852,671 12,645,616 2.7
Figures include the amount billed to the province, territory or municipality for Royal Canadian Mounted Police contract policing and not the total cost of the contract. In some provinces, provincial policing is paid for by the municipalities.
The per capita cost field is not included as expenditures are not comparable. Per capita costs should not be calculated.
Federal expenditures include all other Royal Canadian Mounted Police contract expenditures which are not paid for by the municipality or the province and territory for those provinces and territories with contracts with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (see footnote 8).
Includes municipal, provincial and territorial, federal and other Royal Canadian Mounted Police expenditures (see footnote 8).Total operating expenditures include salaries, wages, benefits, and other operating expenses that are paid from the police service budget, as well as benefits paid from other government sources. Revenues, recoveries, and those costs that fall under a police service's capital expenditures are excluded.
Provincial policing figures include both the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Excludes Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters.
Excludes Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy.
Includes headquarters and divisional administration and costs associated with providing national police services such as: forensic laboratory services; the Canadian Police College; informatics support for management and operation of the Canadian Police Information Centre, an automated national computer information system that is available to all police services; telecommunications services for data and radio transmissions to ensure all detachments receive current information; criminal intelligence and participation in United Nations peacekeeping services.
Totals may not add up due to rounding. Expenditure figures represent gross operating expenditures and include costs that are paid from police department budgets and benefits paid from other sources. Revenues, recoveries and capital expenditures are excluded. Due to rounding and the timing of data collection, the above figures may not correspond to the actual expenditures shown on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Year-end Final Reconciliation Report. Provincial expenditures should not be compared.
Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Police Administration Survey.