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Table 7
Self-reported violent victimizations, by reasons for reporting to police and Aboriginal identity, Canada's ten provinces, 2009
Reason for reporting to police Non-spousal violence1 Spousal violence2
Aboriginal people Non-Aboriginal people Aboriginal people Non-Aboriginal people
Main reason respondent chose not to contact the police  
Because it was dealt with another way 60 60 70 81
Because of fear of revenge by the offender F 13
Fear of spouse or partner F 10
Because the police couldn't do anything about it 27* 43 F 25
Because the police wouldn't help F 17 F 14
Because you didn't want to get involved with police 71* 52 62 48
Because it was not important enough? 71 60 40* 71
Because the incident was a personal matter that didn't concern the police? 50E 50 74 83
Because you have little or no confidence in the criminal justice system? F 17 37* 11
Because the police would be biased F 15
Because of fear of publicity/news coverage? F 11E F 11
Because you didn't want your spouse or partner arrested or jailed? 49E 40
Because you didn't want anyone to find out about it? 54E 34
Main reason respondent chose to contact the police  
To stop the violence or receive protection F 74 95 89
To arrest and punish the offender F 72 F 31
To file a report to claim compensation or insurance F 22E
Because you felt it was your duty to notify police F 83 67E 48
On the recommendation of someone else F 20 F 28
reference category
* Significantly different from reference category (p < 0.05)
E use with caution
F too unreliable to be published
1. Includes incidents that occurred during the 12 months preceding the survey.
2. Includes spousal violence that occurred in the 5 years preceding the survey. Percentages are based on the population who had a spouse or common-law partner at some point in the 5 years preceding the survey. For spousal violence, the violent situation is considered as a whole as opposed to considering the incidents separately.
Note: Excludes data from the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.
Source: Statistics Canada, General Social Survey, 2009.
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