Health Regions: Boundaries and Correspondence with Census Geography
Table 1
Health regions and relevant legislation, by province, 2017

Table summary
This table displays the results of Health regions and relevant legislation. The information is grouped by Province/Territory (appearing as row headers), Health regions 2017, Units and Relevant Legislation (appearing as column headers).
Province/Territory Health regions 2017 Units Relevant Legislation
Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) 4 Regional Health Authorities Act
Prince Edward Island Note ...: not applicable 1Note 1 In November 2005 Prince Edward Island officially disbanded the four health regions.
Nova Scotia Zones 4 Health Authorities Act
New Brunswick Zones 7 Regional Health Authorities Act (Chapter R-5.05) – Schedule A
Quebec Régions sociosanitaires (RSS) 18 Article 339 de la Loi sur les services de santé et les services sociaux (L.R.Q.,chapitre S-4.2); la Loi sur les services de santé et les services sociaux (L.R.Q., chapitre S-5); les décrets 1213-78,1813-91,1815-91,1816-91, 1817-91, 1818-91, 1819-91, 1820-91, 1821-91, 1822-91, 1823-91, 1824-91, 1825-91, 1826-91, 1827-91, 1828-91, 655-94. Article 168 de la Loi 10.
Ontario Public Health Units 36 Regulation 553 (Revised Regulations of Ontario), pursuant to Health Protection and Promotion Act R.S.O. 1990, Amended to O. Reg. 64/05.
Local Health Integration Networks 14 Local Health System Integration Act, 2006
Manitoba Regional Health Authorities 5 Amalgamation of Regional Health Authorities Regulation, 2012, pursuant to The Regional Health Authorities Act (C.C.S.M. c. R34); amended Regulations 99/2002 and 169/2002.
Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities 14 The Regional Health Services Act, Chapter R-8.2; The Regional Health Services Administration Regulations, Chapter R-8.2 Reg 1
Alberta Zones 5 Note ...: not applicable
British Columbia Health Service Delivery Areas (HSDA) 16 Health Authorities Amendment Act, Statutes of British Colombia, 2002 (see B.C. Regulation 225/2003 also); Health Authorities Act, Chapter 180 (and associated Regulations)
Yukon Note ...: not applicable 1Note 1 An Act To Amend the Public Health Act, Statutes of the Yukon, 1997. Effective October 20, 2008, the names “Yukon Territory” in English and “Territoire du Yukon” in French become “Yukon” in English and in French, as per the Yukon Act (Chapter 7, assented March 27, 2002).
Northwest Territories Note ...: not applicable 1Note 1 Consolidation of Northwest Territories Health District Establishment Order, R-080-2000 (pursuant to Public Health Act)
Nunavut Note ...: not applicable 1Note 1 Public Health Act (Statutes of Northwest Territories 1998 chapter 5)

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