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This issue contains the health region limits as of October 2011 and their correspondence with 2006 Census geography. Only minor changes have occurred since December 2007:

  • The province of New Brunswick has made minor name changes to its health regions. The Regions are now referred to as Zones.
  • In November 2010, five new zones were approved for use in Alberta by the Joint Alberta Health Services - Alberta Health and Wellness Geographies Committee. These five zones are aggregations of the previous nine Regional Health Authorities.

  • In 2011, in order to aggregate Nova Scotia District Health Authority (DHA) boundaries to Zone boundaries, Dissemination Area (DA) 12080119 (2006 Census population is 887) was reassigned to Zone 6 from Zone 3. Also reassigned was DA 12080120 from DHA 4 (Zone 3) to DHA 9 (Zone 6), correcting the boundary for both DHAs and Zones, and health region codes have been updated.

The boundaries, health region codes and health region names in the remaining provinces and territories have not changed.

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