What's new?

This issue continues to reflect the health region limits as of December 2007 and their correspondence with 2006 Census geography. Health region codes and health region names have not changed, but there have been improvements to the level of precision in selected areas, resulting in minor revisions.

  • British Columbia refined the precision of its census correspondence to the block and dissemenation area (DA) level. This refinement to the block level caused minor adjustments to the British Columbia health region boundaries.

  • Ontario Local Health Integrated Networks (LHINs) are now available at the block level.

  • The boundary files for all health regions have been reconciled to the June 30th, 2006 version of Statistics Canada's geographic frame.

  • Effective October 20, 2008 the names " Yukon Territory " in English and " Territoire du Yukon " in French became " Yukon " in English and French.

  • 2006 Census basic profiles are now available.
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