Peer reviewers

The clinical, methodological and subject matter specialists listed below have reviewed articles submitted for Volume 25 of Health Reports. The editors thank them for their valuable contributions of time and expertise.

Tracie Afifi
Chris Ardern
Mary Bell
Stephen Birch 
Catherine Birken
Gregory Butler
Livio Di Matteo
David Feeny
Brian Ferguson
Philippe Finès
Rochelle Garner
Kathy Georgiades
Roger Goldstein
Lee A. Green
David Grimes
Gillian Hanley
Karey Iron
Christopher J. Johnson
Grace Johnston
Corey Lee M. Keyes
Michael Law
Gina Lockwood
David M. Mannino
Doug Manuel
Laurent Martel
K. Bruce Newbold
Diane Nishri
Karin Allor Pfeiffer
Kevin Pottie
Dima M. Qato
Amélie Quesnel-Vallée
Nancy Ross
Franco Scinicariello
Paul Stratford
Richard Troiano
Ken Turner
Ellen M. Wells
Jerry P. White
Kathryn Wilkins
Ryan Woods
Michael Zitney