Table 1
Percentage distribution of selected characteristics of Inuit children aged 2 to 5, by age of mother at first birth, Canada, 2006

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Table summary
This table displays the results of percentage distribution of selected characteristics of inuit children aged 2 to 5. The information is grouped by characteristics (appearing as row headers), age of mother at first birth, 12 to 19 (n=306)†, 20 to 24 (n=289)† and 25 or older (n=147)†, calculated using % units of measure (appearing as column headers).
Characteristics Age of mother at first birth
12 to 19 (N=306)Note 20 to 24 (N=289)Note 25 or older (N=147)Note
Mother's education  
Currently in school 14.8Note * 10.5Note *Note E: Use with caution 5.1Note E: Use with caution
Not currently in school  
Less than secondary graduation 57.9Note * 52.8Note * 41.8
Secondary graduation 14.8 20.1Note * 10.9Note E: Use with caution
More than secondary graduation 12.6Note *Note E: Use with caution 16.7Note * 42.2
Family structure  
Married 22.7Note * 33.1Note * 45.3
Common-law 45.9 35.0 38.7
Lone parent 31.4Note * 31.9Note * 16.0Note E: Use with caution
Household income quartile  
Low 30.6Note * 21.7 20.4Note E: Use with caution
Middle-low 25.3 28.0Note * 18.2Note E: Use with caution
Middle-high 24.2 24.8 25.5
High 19.8Note * 25.5 35.9
Does not live in Inuit Nunangat 16.1Note * 15.9Note *Note E: Use with caution 34.2
Lives in Inuit Nunangat 83.9Note * 84.1Note * 65.8
unweighted sample size for each group
* significantly different from children of mothers aged 25 or older at their first birth (p<0.05)
E use with caution
Note: The sample is restricted to Inuit children whose birth mothers responded to the survey (61% of Inuit 2- to 5-year-olds).
Source: 2006 Aboriginal Children's Survey.