Table 5
Correction equations to adjust self-reported estimates of weight, height and body mass index (BMI), by sex, Full and Reduced Models, household population aged 18 years or older, 2005

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Sex and Model Equation
Full Model 1 Weight(measured)= -0.30+1.01(weightself-reported)+0.54(age 25-34)+0.39(age 35-44)+0.50(age 45-54)+1.69(age 55-64)+0.83(age 65-74) +0.39(75 or older)+1.16(overweight)-1.52(underweight)
Height(measured)= 12.17+0.93(heightself-reported)-1.48(age 25-34)-0.43(age 35-44)-1.23(age 45-54)-2.44(age 55-64)-2.87(age 65-74)-2.84(75 or older) +2.22(life dissatisfaction)
Full Model 2 BMI(measured)= -0.67+1.04(BMIself-reported)+0.64(age 25-34)+0.31(age 35-44)+0.39(age 45-54)+1.28(age 55-64)+1.16(age 65-74)+0.86(75 or older) -0.97(life dissatisfaction)-0.73(underweight)
Reduced Model 3 Weight(measured)= -2.19+1.05(weightself-reported)
Height(measured)= 7.70+0.95(heightself-reported)
Reduced Model 4 BMI(measured) = -1.08+1.08(BMIself-reported)
Full Model 1 Weight(measured) = -1.25+1.04(weightself-reported)+1.25(overweight)+0.52(end-digit preference)
Height(measured) = 14.85+0.91(heightself-reported)-1.20(age 25-34)-0.87(age 35-44)-0.59(age 45-54)-1.34(age 55-64)-1.42(age 65-74)-3.79(75 or older) -0.32(ethnicity E/SE Asian)-0.73(ethnicity other)-0.66(activity limitation)
Full Model 2 BMI(measured)= 1.01+1.01(BMIself-reported)-0.91(secondary graduation)-0.32(some postsecondary)-0.53(postsecondary graduation)+0.70(overweight) +0.29(end-digit preference)
Reduced Model 3 Weight(measured)= -2.14+1.07(weightself-reported)
Height(measured)= 8.05+0.95(heightself-reported)
Reduced Model 4 BMI(measured) = -0.12+1.05(BMIself-reported)
Source: 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey.