Table D.7.4
Reasons for unmet job-related training needs or wants, training participants1 and non-participants, Canada, 2008

  Training participants Non-participants
Training conflicted with work schedule 48 43
Did not have the prerequisites 4 5
Family responsibilities 29 37
Lack of employer support 15 12
Training too expensive/could not afford 33 40
Training offered at inconvenient time 25 21
Health reasons 3 4
Lack of confidence 4 10
1. A participant is an employed adult who received formal, job-related training during the reference year. Training encompasses structured learning activities and includes courses, workshops, private lessons and guided on-the job training that do not lead to a formal education credential. Participation in educational programs is also included.
More information on ASETS is available under "Surveys" on the Statistics Canada Web site at, and in the recent research paper, Lifelong Learning Among Canadians Aged 18 to 64 Years: First Results from the 2008 Access and Support to Education and Training Survey, Catalogue no. 81-595-M-No. 079.
Source: Statistics Canada, Access and Support to Education and Training Survey.
Updated June 15, 2010.
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