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Table B.2.9
Average undergraduate and graduate university tuition fees, full‑time students,1 Canada and provinces, 2006/2007 and 2007/2008

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  2006/20072 2007/20082
current dollars
Canada 4,400r 4,524
Newfoundland and Labrador 2,633r 2,633
Prince Edward Island 4,920r 4,440
Nova Scotia 6,422r 5,878
New Brunswick 5,470r 5,733
Quebec 1,932r 2,025
Ontario 5,155r 5,381
Manitoba 3,319r 3,384
Saskatchewan 4,774r 4,774
Alberta 4,763r 4,964
British Columbia 4,740r 4,855
Canada 5,387 5,447
Newfoundland and Labrador 2,096 2,096
Prince Edward Island 2,693 2,750
Nova Scotia 8,054 7,598
New Brunswick 4,970 5,179
Quebec 2,059 2,137
Ontario 8,490 8,635
Manitoba 4,626 4,626
Saskatchewan 2,837 2,837
Alberta 5,490 5,385
British Columbia 5,604 5,716
r revised
1. Both in- and out-of-province students are included in the weighted average calculations; foreign students are not included.
2. The Survey of Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs for Full-time Students (TLAC), which was administered from April to June 2007 to collect data on 2007/2008 tuition fees, has undergone important modifications. The survey universe was increased from around 60 to 102 institutions. In addition, the program classification used to obtain tuition data adopted the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) coding. As a result, the figures presented here may differ slightly from those published in PCEIP 2007. These changes have a minimal impact on the interprovincial comparability of tuition data.
Data source: Survey of Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs for Full-time Students, Statistics Canada.
Table source: Statistics Canada and Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. 2007. Education indicators in Canada: Report of the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program. Catalogue no. 81-582-XIE. Ottawa.