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New questions
SP_R050, SP_Q050, SP_Q055, SP_Q060, SP_Q065, SP_Q070, SP_S070, SP_Q075, SP_Q080, SP_Q085, SP_Q090, SP_Q095, SP_S095
A new section of questions on inter-household transfer payments (monetary and non-monetary) was added to the spend (SP) module. These questions are asked of all respondents. Part of a household's income includes money transfers from other households, such as financial support a student gets from their parents or an elderly parent gets from their children. Canadian immigrants may also receive and send financial support from and to family members living in other countries which affects Canada's Balance of Payments.

ED_Q220, ED_Q225, ED_Q230 and ED_Q240
Student loan questions were asked in the education module for the first time for reference year 2005. Those questions (ED_Q200, ED_Q205, ED_Q210) are now asked only of respondents eligible for the preliminary questions who answered "yes" to EP_Q020 or EP_Q065. Additional student loan questions have been added for reference year 2006 and will be asked each year the respondent reports attending a post-secondary institution in the reference year.

Modified questions
New logic was added so that a respondent who reported working during the reference year in the preliminary questions (EX_Q001), will not be asked DA_Q015 and will skip to DA_Q040 if their main activity in DA_Q001 was 'not working'. Respondents who don't get preliminary questions will still go to DA_Q015, if their main activity in DA_Q001 was 'not working'.

A new condition was added so that if EX_Q001 = Yes (respondent worked in the reference year) and all previous employers have been denied, they will be asked DA_Q040 (You reported earlier that you worked in 2006. For whom did you work?). This condition was added as a result of the new logic added in DA_C005.

DA_Q015 and DA_Q120
A flow change was made for a "yes" response to go to DA_Q040 instead of DA_Q030 which has been deleted (ghost employer question).

A flow change was made for "no/refuse/don't know" responses to go to CH_Q254 (instead of CH_Q260). Respondents who said that they had the same wage as the previous year will now be asked about tips and commissions. SP_C005, SP_C010, SP_Q025, SP_Q030, SP_Q035, SP_Q040, SP_Q045 Flow changes from these questions were made to go to a new series of questions on inter-household transfer payments.

New logic has been added so that if a respondent reports in the preliminary questions (DE_Q060 or DE_Q065 and DE_Q086) that they did not give birth to/father/adopt any children, they will not be asked questions on childcare. The new flag "Nokidflg" will be set to 1 if (DE_Q060 = No or DE_Q065 = No) and DE_Q086 = No. If Nokidflg = 1, the respondent did not give birth to/father/adopt any children, the childcare questions will not be asked. However, if the respondent did not answer the DE questions (i.e. was not eligible for the preliminary questions) and children were reported in the household in the entry component, the childcare questions will be asked.

Logic has been added so that previously interviewed respondents (prlflg59 = 2) will not be asked childcare questions if they are less than 20 years of age.

ED_Q205 and ED_Q210
The maximum amount allowed in these fields has been increased to $999,995 (from $99,995).

Deleted questions
DA_Q030, C030, N035, C035, DA_Q055, DA_N055
Ghost employers are no longer being used in the application. All questions related to ghost employers have been deleted.