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New questions

Utility payments for owners (OW_Q060)

This is a question similar to RN_Q010 but addressed to owner households instead of renter households. The Census has a similar question that includes owners and renters. Many owners have their utilities included in other payments such as condo fees. The new question makes SLID more like the Census and should make the imputation of utility costs more accurate.

Utility payments for renters (RN_Q015)

A question has been added to ask respondents who rent without cash payment, whether they pay for utilities since some people paying zero rent do pay for utilities.

Modified questions

Type of dwelling (DWTQ01, DWTQ02, DWTQ03, DWTQ04) The dwelling type question has been reformatted into a "tree" question in the interest of reducing respondent burden and in an attempt to improve the quality of responses. Instead reading a long list of dwelling types to the respondent, the respondent will be asked if they live in a house, apartment or another type of dwelling. Then, depending on the response, they will branch off to a different question to determine the specific type of house, apartment or other type of dwelling.

These new questions are the same as the earlier question on dwelling type, in that they use the same concepts and terminology as before, but they are more appropriate for a telephone interview setting. The earlier version was too long in a telephone interview, and because of this may have elicited more responses of the categories higher up in the list than was appropriate.

Dwelling repairs needed (OR_Q005)

The wording of this question was changed to make it the same as the Census. This also greatly shortens the question, which was found to be too long in a telephone interview setting. The order of the categories remains as before ("major" followed by "minor" followed by "none"), unlike the Census which begins with "none", because it is felt that this is likely to get more accurate reporting in a telephone interview setting.

Mortgage payments (OW_S015, OW_Q030)

A flow change has been made so that a respondent who answers "other" to the question on the frequency of their mortgage payments, will now be asked how much the payments were. This will allow us to calculate mortgage payments of households that declare a periodicity other than those listed on the questionnaire (e.g. every six months).

Utilities included in rent (RN_Q010)

The categories "hot water" and "cold water" have been replaced with "water". The following categories were removed: cable TV; refrigerator; cooking stove; washer and dryer.

Deleted questions

Principal fuel (OR_Q010)

The question on "principal fuel used to heat this dwelling" had been included in SLID to facilitate the imputation of utility costs based on data from the Survey of Household Spending, which has a similar question. Utility costs in SLID are now imputed using Census data, and since this question does not exist in the Census, it is no longer necessary.

Fully or partially furnished (RN_Q015)

The question asking whether the furniture included in the rent is partial or full was considered to be unnecessary detail.