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Statistical tables

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Table 1 Median market income by selected family types
Table 1-1 Canada
Table 1-2 Newfoundland and Labrador
Table 1-3 Prince Edward Island
Table 1-4 Nova Scotia
Table 1-5 New Brunswick
Table 1-6 Quebec
Table 1-7 Ontario
Table 1-8 Manitoba
Table 1-9 Saskatchewan
Table 1-10 Alberta
Table 1-11 British Columbia
Table 2 Government transfers by after-tax income quintiles
Table 2-1 Canada
Table 2-2 Newfoundland and Labrador
Table 2-3 Prince Edward Island
Table 2-4 Nova Scotia
Table 2-5 New Brunswick
Table 2-6 Quebec
Table 2-7 Ontario
Table 2-8 Manitoba
Table 2-9 Saskatchewan
Table 2-10 Alberta
Table 2-11 British Columbia
Table 3 Median total income by selected family types
Table 3-1 Canada
Table 3-2 Newfoundland and Labrador
Table 3-3 Prince Edward Island
Table 3-4 Nova Scotia
Table 3-5 New Brunswick
Table 3-6 Quebec
Table 3-7 Ontario
Table 3-8 Manitoba
Table 3-9 Saskatchewan
Table 3-10 Alberta
Table 3-11 British Columbia
Table 4 Average total income received by income sources, Canada
Table 5 Income tax by after-tax income quintiles
Table 5-1 Canada
Table 5-2 Newfoundland and Labrador
Table 5-3 Prince Edward Island
Table 5-4 Nova Scotia
Table 5-5 New Brunswick
Table 5-6 Quebec
Table 5-7 Ontario
Table 5-8 Manitoba
Table 5-9 Saskatchewan
Table 5-10 Alberta
Table 5-11 British Columbia
Table 6 Median after-tax income by selected family types
Table 6-1 Canada
Table 6-2 Newfoundland and Labrador
Table 6-3 Prince Edward Island
Table 6-4 Nova Scotia
Table 6-5 New Brunswick
Table 6-6 Quebec
Table 6-7 Ontario
Table 6-8 Manitoba
Table 6-9 Saskatchewan
Table 6-10 Alberta
Table 6-11 British Columbia
Table 7 Median income by selected family types, showing different income concepts, Canada
Table 8 Average income and income shares by after-tax income quintiles, showing different income concepts, Canada
Table 8-1 Average market income
Table 8-2 Average transfer payments
Table 8-3 Average total income
Table 8-4 Average income tax
Table 8-5 Average after-tax income
Table 9 Gini coefficients of market income, total income and after-tax income by selected family types, Canada
Table 9-1 Market income
Table 9-2 Total income
Table 9-3 After-tax income
Table 10 Average income by after-tax income quintiles, showing adjustment for family size, Canada
Table 10-1 Market income
Table 10-2 Total income
Table 10-3 After-tax income
Table 11 Persons in low income after tax (92 LICOs base), showing prevalence and estimated number
Table 11-1 Canada
Table 11-2 Newfoundland and Labrador
Table 11-3 Prince Edward Island
Table 11-4 Nova Scotia
Table 11-5 New Brunswick
Table 11-6 Quebec
Table 11-7 Ontario
Table 11-8 Manitoba
Table 11-9 Saskatchewan
Table 11-10 Alberta
Table 11-11 British Columbia
Table 12 Persistence of low income, after-tax income, (1992 LICO base) by selected characteristics
Table 13 Low income after tax (92 LICOs base), by selected family types, Canada
Table 13-1 Prevalence
Table 13-2 Estimated number
Table 13-3 Average income gap
Table 14 Low income after tax cut-offs (92 LICOs base)
Table 14-1 2003 to 2007
Table 14-2 1998 to 2002
Table 15 Selected family types, Canada
Table 15-1 Number of families
Table 15-2 Number of persons