Table 6-1
Estimates of employment, average hourly earnings and average weekly hours for salaried employees, by industry — Canada

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Table summary
This table displays the results of canada. The information is grouped by industry - naics (appearing as row headers), employment, average weekly earnings (including overtime), average hourly earnings (including overtime), average standard work week and apr.  2011, calculated using apr.  2011, mar.  2012, apr.  2012, in thousands, current dollars and hours units of measure (appearing as column headers).

Industry - NAICS Employment Average weekly earnings (including overtime) Average hourly earnings (including overtime) Average standard work week
Apr.  2011 Mar.  2012Note r: revised Apr.  2012Note p: preliminary Apr.  2011 Mar.  2012Note r: revised Apr.  2012Note p: preliminary Apr.  2011 Mar.  2012Note r: revised Apr.  2012Note p: preliminary Apr.  2011 Mar.  2012Note r: revised Apr.  2012Note p: preliminary
  in thousands current dollars hours
Industrial aggregate excluding
unclassified businesses - 11-91N
5,214.0A 5,155.6A 5,255.1A 1,158.26A 1,172.04A 1,194.68A 31.34A 32.15A 32.62A 37.0A 36.5A 36.6A
Goods producing industries
- 11-33N
694.5A 654.8A 662.2A 1,422.88A 1,455.53A 1,508.94A 36.22A 37.01A 38.42A 39.3A 39.3A 39.3A
Forestry, logging and support
- 11N
7.2C 3.6D 4.9Note E: Use with caution 962.20B 1,036.47B 1,056.46B 27.64B 25.21B 27.47B 34.8A 41.1B 38.5B
Forestry and logging - 113 4.6C 2.6Note E: Use with caution Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,036.03B 1,045.79C 1,048.57C 28.29B 24.21B 26.59B 36.6B 43.2B 39.4B
Support activities for forestry
- 1153
2.6D 1.0D 1.1D 834.44B 1,013.55A 1,085.08A 26.34B 28.19A 31.09B 31.7B 36.0A 34.9A
Mining, quarrying, and oil
and gas extraction - 21
106.0B 106.4B 116.3B 2,006.95A 2,057.67A 2,196.35A 50.48A 51.28A 54.15A 39.8A 40.1A 40.6A
Oil and gas extraction - 211,2111 45.3B 42.7B 47.7B 2,342.96A 2,264.14A 2,409.33A 59.48A 55.93A 57.53A 39.4A 40.5A 41.9A
Mining and quarrying (except
oil and gas) - 212
15.3D 26.4C 23.2C 1,721.86A 1,830.70C 2,034.87B 42.46A 45.28C 50.52B 40.6A 40.4A 40.3A
Support activities for mining
and oil and gas extraction - 213,2131
45.4C 37.3C 45.4D 1,767.61A 1,981.59B 2,054.70B 44.34A 50.17B 52.26B 39.9A 39.5A 39.3A
Utilities - 22,221 56.3B 53.0B 52.8B 1,721.46A 1,842.24A 1,796.11A 45.16B 48.47A 47.68A 38.1A 38.0A 37.7A
Construction - 23 141.1B 148.6B 146.9B 1,233.62A 1,333.54A 1,299.71A 31.45A 33.99A 33.24A 39.2A 39.2A 39.1A
Construction of buildings - 236 36.4C 48.2D 58.1C 1,168.82B 1,427.51B 1,341.08A 30.01A 36.24B 34.05A 38.9A 39.4A 39.4A
Heavy and civil engineering construction
- 237
33.0C 29.2C 28.0B 1,517.22A 1,479.17A 1,558.20A 38.39A 36.81A 39.09A 39.5A 40.2A 39.9A
Specialty trade contractors - 238 71.6C 71.1C 60.8C 1,135.67B 1,210.00B 1,141.23B 28.95B 31.24A 29.66B 39.2A 38.7A 38.5A
Manufacturing - 31-33 383.8A 343.2A 341.3A 1,295.95A 1,266.29A 1,326.88A 32.87A 32.21A 33.88A 39.4A 39.3A 39.2A
Non-durable goods - 311N 172.1B 156.2B 156.4A 1,268.69A 1,246.34A 1,316.64A 32.03A 31.91A 33.92A 39.6A 39.1A 38.8A
Food manufacturing - 311 44.6B 37.7B 36.1B 1,199.52A 1,169.74A 1,154.98A 30.54A 29.63A 29.34B 39.3A 39.5A 39.4A
Beverage and tobacco product
manufacturing - 312
15.9C Note F: too unreliable to be published 7.7D 1,171.52A 887.49D 1,353.62A 29.38B 23.15D 36.76A 39.9A 38.3A 36.8A
Textile mills - 313 2.3C 2.4B 2.7C 1,215.38B 1,048.35B 993.74A 32.11A 27.43B 25.35A 37.9A 38.2A 39.2A
Textile product mills - 314 1.6Note E: Use with caution 2.9B 2.9D 915.48B 967.69A 1,111.63A 22.85B 24.06A 27.91A 40.1A 40.2A 39.8A
Clothing manufacturing - 315 3.7Note E: Use with caution Note F: too unreliable to be published 5.4D 841.08C 821.99B 792.69B 21.32C 23.00C 21.19B 39.4B 35.7A 37.4A
Leather and allied product manufacturing
- 316
0.4Note E: Use with caution 0.5Note E: Use with caution 0.5D 756.47B 927.95D 776.09B 21.50B 24.63D 21.24B 35.2A 37.7A 36.5A
Paper manufacturing - 322 20.1C 21.3B 21.7B 1,430.30A 1,536.58A 1,550.42A 36.07A 38.90A 38.62A 39.7A 39.5A 40.1A
Printing and related support
activities - 323,3231
12.8C 16.6D 16.1C 992.32B 1,011.86A 1,083.31B 24.96B 25.64A 27.82B 39.8A 39.5A 38.9A
Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
- 324,3241
Note F: too unreliable to be published 12.2Note E: Use with caution 13.0C Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,689.74B 1,770.42C 50.09C 40.90B 43.13C 49.1Note E: Use with caution 41.3A 41.0A
Chemical manufacturing - 325 41.6B 30.3C 30.2D 1,302.53A 1,221.63B 1,470.29B 34.24A 32.07B 39.81B 38.0A 38.1A 36.9A
Durable goods - 321N 211.7B 187.0B 184.9B 1,318.11A 1,282.95A 1,335.53A 33.56A 32.46A 33.84A 39.3A 39.5A 39.5A
Wood product manufacturing - 321 12.4C 13.7B 15.5B 1,140.20A 1,173.92A 1,179.16A 28.48A 29.73A 30.13A 40.0A 39.5A 39.1A
Non-metallic mineral product
manufacturing - 327
7.1D 10.0D 8.8Note E: Use with caution 1,201.58A 1,334.06C 1,543.68C 30.10A 34.19C 38.93C 39.9A 39.0A 39.7A
Primary metal manufacturing - 331 24.1Note E: Use with caution 17.5D 16.9D 1,269.46C 1,347.09B 1,355.88A 31.79C 33.93B 34.52A 39.9A 39.7A 39.3A
Fabricated metal product manufacturing
- 332
38.2D 16.8D 15.2Note E: Use with caution 1,263.13B 1,153.81B 1,286.39B 33.09A 29.26B 32.06B 38.2A 39.4A 40.1A
Machinery manufacturing - 333 31.1D 31.2C 31.7C 1,480.02A 1,285.70B 1,355.41B 37.60A 32.31B 34.16B 39.4A 39.8A 39.7A
Computer and electronic product
manufacturing - 334
40.6B 41.2B 37.5B 1,403.28A 1,395.34A 1,395.75A 35.64A 35.66A 35.31A 39.4A 39.1A 39.5A
Electrical equipment, appliance
and component manufacturing - 335
Note F: too unreliable to be published 9.4D 7.9D 1,365.69C 1,283.01B 1,528.15C 35.59C 32.65A 38.35B 38.4A 39.3A 39.9A
Transportation equipment manufacturing
- 336
21.0D 23.9C 27.0D 1,514.40B 1,547.11B 1,546.80B 37.59B 37.62B 38.63B 40.3A 41.1A 40.0A
Furniture and related product
manufacturing - 337
6.3D Note F: too unreliable to be published Note F: too unreliable to be published 971.32B 1,178.09D 925.94B 25.21B 25.41B 23.38B 38.5A 46.4D 39.6A
Miscellaneous manufacturing - 339 17.9D 17.5D 13.2Note E: Use with caution 1,053.99B 805.27B 996.97C 26.82B 22.43B 26.93C 39.3A 35.9A 37.0A
Service producing industries
- 41-91N
4,519.6A 4,500.8A 4,593.0A 1,117.61A 1,130.80A 1,149.37A 30.54A 31.38A 31.72A 36.6A 36.0A 36.2A
Trade - 41-45N 590.2A 588.0A 632.8A 1,041.32A 1,107.70A 1,139.24A 26.77A 28.26A 29.31A 38.9A 39.2A 38.9A
Wholesale trade - 41 346.0A 364.3A 383.4A 1,200.15A 1,249.56A 1,302.43A 30.61A 31.70A 33.34A 39.2A 39.4A 39.1A
Farm product wholesaler-distributors
- 411,4111
4.8D 4.1D 4.0D 1,083.31C 963.90B 950.61B 27.44B 23.89B 24.15B 39.5B 40.4A 39.4A
Petroleum product wholesaler-distributors
- 412,4121
7.3D Note F: too unreliable to be published Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,708.61A 1,921.46D 2,277.33Note E: Use with caution 43.36A 40.31C 50.30Note E: Use with caution 39.4A 47.7D 45.3D
Personal and household goods
wholesaler-distributors - 414
51.9C 60.1B 62.7A 1,228.59B 1,281.85B 1,372.91A 32.25B 33.14B 36.21A 38.1A 38.7A 37.9A
Motor vehicle and parts wholesaler-distributors
- 415
31.3B 19.6Note E: Use with caution 28.3C 1,100.98A 1,139.70B 1,055.33A 27.65B 28.25A 26.74A 39.8A 40.3A 39.5A
Building material and supplies
wholesaler-distributors - 416
64.3C 68.5C 65.3C 1,129.92B 1,104.92B 1,144.00A 28.59B 27.82B 28.99A 39.5A 39.7A 39.5A
Machinery, equipment and supplies
wholesaler-distributors - 417
106.1B 109.6C 121.2B 1,330.77A 1,419.94A 1,550.63A 33.74A 36.02A 39.93A 39.4A 39.4A 38.8A
Miscellaneous wholesaler-distributors
- 418
29.8C 36.4C 44.0B 1,140.70B 1,205.84A 1,172.01A 29.23B 30.60A 29.57B 39.0A 39.4A 39.6A
Wholesale electronic markets,
and agents and brokers - 419,4191
18.2C 20.2C 17.2D 1,130.89B 1,132.54A 1,155.88B 28.42B 28.86A 30.36A 39.8A 39.2A 38.1A
Retail trade - 44-45 244.2B 223.7A 249.3B 816.26A 876.64A 888.30A 21.21A 22.57A 23.04A 38.5A 38.8A 38.6A
Motor vehicle and parts dealers
- 441
42.1C 45.9B 50.3B 995.02A 1,064.24A 1,141.50A 24.69A 26.96A 29.66B 40.3A 39.5A 38.5A
Furniture and home furnishings
stores - 442
22.7D 21.1D 17.2D 850.00A 820.94B 783.80B 22.71A 20.81B 19.76B 37.4A 39.4A 39.7A
Electronics and appliance stores
- 443,4431
17.4D 16.6D 21.6Note E: Use with caution 733.35D 1,010.19C 913.69B 20.34C 25.33C 23.59B 36.1B 39.9A 38.7A
Building material and garden
equipment and supplies dealers - 444
21.8D 18.8D 19.9D 893.76A 791.06B 718.59B 21.48A 20.88B 19.68B 41.6A 37.9A 36.5A
Food and beverage stores - 445 45.8C 40.1C 36.2C 729.47B 788.63A 822.12A 18.64B 20.39A 20.92A 39.1A 38.7A 39.3A
Gasoline stations - 447,4471 7.7D 7.3D 7.8Note E: Use with caution 791.83C 883.37B 799.91B 22.28B 22.52B 20.36B 35.5C 39.2A 39.3A
Sporting goods, hobby, book and
music stores - 451
10.7D 6.1Note E: Use with caution 5.0Note E: Use with caution 720.39B 617.84C 738.92B 18.55A 18.05B 19.74A 38.8A 34.2B 37.4A
General merchandise stores - 452 23.6C 24.2C 38.4D 789.19B 771.37B 757.05B 22.14A 20.39B 19.57A 35.6B 37.8A 38.7A
Non-store retailers - 454 8.2Note E: Use with caution Note F: too unreliable to be published 9.2D 774.47B Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,055.53C 19.51B 27.34D 28.94B 39.7A 30.9C 36.5B
Transportation and warehousing
- 48-49
239.8A 238.8B 243.7B 1,075.58A 1,064.31A 999.26A 28.35A 27.60A 26.09A 37.9A 38.6A 38.3A
Air transportation - 481 45.5B 46.8B 47.2B 1,096.16A 1,223.18A 1,157.68A 30.18A 33.51A 31.97A 36.3A 36.5A 36.2A
Rail transportation - 482,4821 16.8B Note F: too unreliable to be published 5.3D 1,426.21A Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,484.99B 35.75A Note F: too unreliable to be published 37.80A 39.9A Note F: too unreliable to be published 39.3A
Truck transportation - 484 29.3D 42.2D 36.5D 831.31B 930.38A 862.98A 21.47A 22.49A 20.61A 38.7A 41.4A 41.9A
Transit and ground passenger
transportation - 485
20.5D 20.9D 25.0D 794.46C 911.79C 713.95C 23.38B 28.42B 24.39B 34.0B 32.1B 29.3B
Support activities for transportation
- 488
43.9D 44.1C 65.0B 982.20A 985.14A 935.14A 26.70A 25.04A 23.76A 36.8A 39.3A 39.4A
Couriers and messengers - 492 11.7Note E: Use with caution Note F: too unreliable to be published Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,097.33D 936.74A 869.92B 27.97D 23.17A 21.34B 39.2A 40.4A 40.8A
Warehousing and storage - 493,4931 15.6D 15.0D 16.0D 967.57A 913.45A 954.21A 24.81A 22.95A 24.12A 39.0A 39.8A 39.6A
Information and cultural industries
- 51
209.9A 223.6B 226.9A 1,197.95A 1,175.34A 1,182.99A 30.76A 30.70A 30.60A 38.9A 38.3A 38.7A
Broadcasting (except Internet)
- 515
21.7Note E: Use with caution 38.7C 36.4B 661.78C 1,014.02B 976.84B 16.63C 27.55B 25.68B 39.8A 36.8A 38.0A
Telecommunications - 517 75.4B 82.7C 88.1B 1,306.36A 1,260.89B 1,256.46B 32.89A 32.34B 32.36B 39.7A 39.0A 38.8A
Data processing, hosting, and
related services - 518,5182
10.3C 13.8B Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,380.35C 1,317.96A Note F: too unreliable to be published 35.30C 33.25A Note F: too unreliable to be published 39.1A 39.6A Note F: too unreliable to be published
Other information services - 519,5191 17.4B 16.6C 18.5B 1,149.07B 1,130.80B 1,107.68B 31.43B 29.38B 30.40B 36.6A 38.5A 36.4B
Finance and insurance - 52 446.2A 476.8A 491.5A 1,170.36A 1,161.72A 1,198.22A 31.80A 31.34A 32.28A 36.8A 37.1A 37.1A
Credit intermediation and related
activities - 522
203.8B 240.3A 246.1A 1,060.89A 1,092.68A 1,089.27A 28.81A 29.33A 29.07A 36.8A 37.3A 37.5A
Insurance carriers and related
activities - 524
159.9A 149.6B 154.2B 1,137.50A 1,041.55A 1,150.68A 31.09A 28.75A 31.57A 36.6A 36.2A 36.5A
Real estate and rental and
leasing - 53
100.1B 91.7B 96.0B 882.35A 1,054.80A 1,045.64B 23.58A 28.40A 27.79B 37.4A 37.1A 37.6A
Real estate - 531 77.1C 71.0B 74.8C 803.65B 990.36B 1,006.62B 21.65B 27.18B 27.05B 37.1A 36.4A 37.2A
Rental and leasing services - 532 19.0C 17.0C 18.2C 1,143.05A 1,264.51B 1,165.11B 29.88A 31.94B 29.81B 38.3A 39.6A 39.1A
Professional, scientific and
technical services - 54,541
442.3A 406.4A 429.3A 1,316.26A 1,294.11A 1,385.34A 34.96A 33.83A 36.24A 37.7A 38.3A 38.2A
Administrative and support,
waste management and remediation services - 56
176.2B 205.1B 205.7B 1,125.21A 1,035.95A 1,071.16A 29.90A 27.58A 28.63A 37.6A 37.6A 37.4A
Administrative and support services
- 561
160.3B 192.5B 194.6B 1,117.94A 1,036.94A 1,037.64A 29.75A 27.67A 27.83A 37.6A 37.5A 37.3A
Educational services - 61,611 1,049.8A 1,067.6A 1,064.0A 1,025.13A 1,023.35A 1,039.97A 31.28A 32.80A 32.85A 32.8A 31.2A 31.7A
Education special - 611N 537.9A 558.0A 550.7A 1,309.72A 1,292.19A 1,303.66A 38.93A 39.93A 39.52A 33.6A 32.4A 33.0A
Health care and social assistance
- 62
249.5C 171.2B 177.9B 945.86A 924.41A 941.76A 26.04A 25.74A 26.40A 36.3A 35.9A 35.7A
Ambulatory health care services
- 621
83.5D 51.9D 58.8C 923.33A 976.07A 958.26B 25.97A 28.38A 27.99B 35.6A 34.4A 34.2A
Hospitals - 622 Note F: too unreliable to be published Note F: too unreliable to be published Note F: too unreliable to be published 1,135.78B 871.67C 1,017.09D 31.04B 23.63C 27.46D 36.6A 36.9A 37.0A
Nursing and residential care
facilities - 623
53.1D 47.1D 43.9D 928.93B 955.23A 968.66A 25.05B 25.66A 26.17A 37.1A 37.2A 37.0A
Social assistance - 624 65.7C 58.9C 61.6C 851.88A 866.18A 890.29A 23.36A 24.07A 24.88A 36.5A 36.0A 35.8A
Arts, entertainment and recreation
- 71
67.7B 66.2B 64.9B 987.17A 968.08A 935.70A 26.23A 25.27A 24.90A 37.6A 38.3A 37.6A
Heritage institutions - 712,7121 10.9B 10.7C 12.6D 1,092.03A 1,119.07B 890.76B 29.25A 30.00B 25.60B 37.3A 37.3A 34.8A
Amusement, gambling and recreation
industries - 713
29.8B 30.3B 28.5B 999.53A 975.47A 984.63A 25.51A 24.81A 24.69A 39.2A 39.3A 39.9A
Accommodation and food services
- 72
97.6B 87.1B 88.0B 669.03A 762.93A 781.49A 17.83A 19.95A 20.02A 37.5A 38.2A 39.0A
Accommodation services - 721 24.0B 27.2B 27.7C 848.45A 958.36A 862.42A 21.03A 24.57A 22.02A 40.4A 39.0A 39.2A
Food services and drinking places
- 722
73.6C 59.9B 60.3B 610.54A 674.18A 744.29A 16.69A 17.80A 19.10A 36.6A 37.9A 39.0A
Other services (except public
administration) - 81
117.3D 134.2B 136.7B 1,001.37B 1,020.76A 1,085.82A 27.11B 28.51A 29.83A 36.9A 35.8A 36.4A
Repair and maintenance - 811 23.3D 21.5D 19.4D 913.33B 947.74B 920.27B 23.36B 24.51B 24.04B 39.1A 38.7A 38.3A
Personal and laundry services
- 812
22.4D 12.9D 16.5C 661.36B 907.09B 874.14B 18.19C 23.53B 23.53B 36.4A 38.5A 37.2A
Grant-making, civic, and professional
and similar organizations excluding religion - 813
71.6D 99.8B 100.8B 1,136.52A 1,051.19A 1,152.36A 31.21A 30.18A 32.08A 36.4A 34.8A 35.9A
Public administration - 91 688.5A 700.9A 687.6A 1,300.31A 1,353.49A 1,335.77A 34.40A 37.57A 36.65A 37.8A 36.0A 36.4A
Federal government public administration
- 911
298.6A 296.6A 294.4A 1,386.35A 1,409.71A 1,407.34A 35.36A 40.00A 39.88A 39.2A 35.2A 35.3A
Provincial and territorial public
administration - 912
240.4A 238.6A 245.4A 1,231.76A 1,284.82A 1,277.19A 33.51A 34.93A 33.85A 36.8A 36.8A 37.7A
Local, municipal and regional
public administration - 913
126.8B 148.3B 128.4B 1,317.78A 1,407.10A 1,362.92A 35.81A 38.73A 37.29A 36.8A 36.3A 36.6A
Aboriginal public administration
- 914
22.7D 17.4D 19.5D 796.54A 881.36A 813.14A 22.31A 24.20A 22.00A 35.7A 36.4A 37.0A
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