Canadian International Merchandise Trade Web Application
About the web application

The Canadian International Merchandise Trade (CIMT) Web Application offers the most detailed commodity trade data using the Harmonized System (HS) classification of goods (the 8-digit commodity level for exports and the 10-digit for imports). The CIMT Web Application also offers data at the international 6-digit commodity level.

With the CIMT Web Application the user can visualize the latest information on customs based monthly trade through tables and charts as well as a time series report. For a selected period of time, one can also customize its selection and visualize trade, export or import, data for a specific trading partner, a specific province and a specific variable such as value, volume and a percentage change on a monthly or annual basis. The application has also the ability to retrieve the top 25 commodities traded between a selected by the user geography, Canada or a province, and trading partner, the World or a specific country, for the month of interest. When desired, the user can copy the data seen on the screen into their preferred data manipulation software.


With the CIMT Web Application, you can

  • select your own variables to create a customized data report
  • generate data tables directly on screen for a quick review
  • copy the data seen on the screen into the preferred data manipulation software.


The CIMT Web Application uses four tabs to deliver data that matters to the users. Through drop-down menus and toggle buttons the user can select the variables of interest which once selected will be displayed in tables and a chart. In some instances, the web application uses hyperlinks to drill down on the information of an interest for the user. For example, if the user wants to know from which countries in the world, Ontario imports organic coffee, HS 0901.11.0010 — Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated, certified organic, the user can click on Ontario in the Provincial level of data table after selecting the HS in the drop-down commodity menu and thus have the results displayed in the Top 10 Trading Partner table.

The different tabs are also hyperlinked to the first tab, namely the Commodity tab, which offers information for the most granular level of HS data, HS-08 for the exports and HS-10 for the imports.

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