Canadian Export Classification
Chapter 93
Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof

Chapter 93 Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof
Table summary
This table displays the results of Chapter 93 Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof . The information is grouped by HS Code (appearing as row headers), Statistical suffix, Description and Unit of
measure, calculated using -Other: and -Shotgun cartridges and parts thereof; air gun pellets: units of measure (appearing as column headers).
HS Code Statistical suffix Description Unit of
93.01   Military weapons, other than revolvers, pistols and the arms of heading 93.07.  
9301.10 00 -Artillery weapons (for example, guns, howitzers and mortars) NMB
9301.20 00 -Rocket launchers; flame-throwers; grenade launchers; torpedo tubes and similar projectors NMB
9301.90   -Other  
10 ---Fully automatic shotguns NMB
20 ---Rifles NMB
30 ---Machine-guns NMB
90 ---Other NMB
9302.00   Revolvers and pistols, other than those of heading 93.03 or 93.04  
10 ---Revolvers NMB
20 ---Semi-automatic pistols NMB
90 ---Other NMB
93.03   Other firearms and similar devices which operate by the firing of an explosive charge (for example, sporting shotguns and rifles, muzzle-loading firearms, Very pistols and other devices designed to project only signal flares, pistols and revolvers for firing blank ammunition, captive-bolt humane killers, line-throwing guns).  
9303.10 00 -Muzzle-loading firearms NMB
9303.20   -Other sporting, hunting or target-shooting shotguns, including combination shotgun-rifles  
10 ---Pump action NMB
20 ---Semi-automatic NMB
90 ---Other NMB
9303.30   -Other sporting, hunting or target-shooting rifles  
10 ---Single-shot NMB
20 ---Semi-automatic NMB
90 ---Other NMB
9303.90 00 -Other NMB
9304.00 00 Other arms (for example, spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons), excluding those of heading 93.07 NMB
93.05   Parts and accessories of articles of headings 93.01 to 93.04.  
9305.10   -Of revolvers or pistols  
  ---Of heading 93.02:  
11 ----Frames and receivers -
19 ----Other -
90 ---Other -
9305.20 00 -Of shotguns or rifles of heading 93.03 -
9305.91 00 --Of military weapons of heading 93.01 -
9305.99 00 --Other -
93.06   Bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, missiles and similar munitions of war and parts thereof; cartridges and other ammunition and projectiles and parts thereof, including shot and cartridge wads.  
    -Shotgun cartridges and parts thereof; air gun pellets:  
9306.21 00 --Cartridges -
9306.29 00 --Other -
9306.30 00 -Other cartridges and parts thereof -
9306.90 00 -Other -
9307.00 00 Swords, cutlasses, bayonets, lances and similar arms and parts thereof and scabbards and sheaths therefor -
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