Monthly Aircraft Movements: Small airports - Airports without NAV CANADA Towers or Flight Service Stations, March 2017

Release date: July 13, 2017


Take-offs and landings at 114 Canadian airports without air traffic control towers reached a total of 40,085 movements in March. Ten airports accounted for 40% of the month’s activity: Peterborough, Ontario (2,968 movements), Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador (2,480), Drummondville, Quebec (2,084), Red Lake, Ontario (1,748), Trois-Rivières, Quebec (1,344), Comox, British Columbia (1,264), Moosonee, Ontario (1,159), Pickle Lake, Ontario (1,050), Island Lake, Manitoba (1,015) and St. Theresa Point, Manitoba (958).

Total aircraft movements for the 112 airports for which year-over-year comparisons were possible decreased from 41,861 to 39,648 in March 2017 as 67 airports reported fewer movements. The largest declines were recorded at the following airports: Peterborough (-394 movements), Collingwood, Ontario (-379) and Pickle Lake (-367). Among those airports with increases, the largest gains were reported at Drummondville (+1,315) and Goose Bay (+143).

In March 2017, there were 30,126 itinerant movements (flights from one airport to another) reported by 97 airports with Goose Bay (2,480 movements) and Red Lake (1,556) recording the largest numbers.

Forty-two airports reported 8,195 local movements (flights that remain in the vicinity of the airport). Peterborough remained the most active site with 2,615 take-offs and landings, representing 32% of the total local movements reported.

Factors which may have influenced the data

1. Aggregate data only are available for the following 19 airports reported by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation:

2. Aggregate data only are available for the following 12 airports reported by the Kativik Regional Government in Quebec:

3. Aggregate data only are available for Tillsonburg, Ontario.

4. When comparing monthly data for current year versus previous year, please note that:

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