Monthly Aircraft Movements: Small airports - Airports without NAV CANADA Towers or Flight Service Stations, January 2017

Release date: May 12, 2017


Take-offs and landings at 114 Canadian airports without air traffic control towers reached a total of 30,523 movements in January. Ten airports accounted for 39% of the month’s activity: Peterborough, Ontario (2,077 movements), Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador (2,063), Red Lake, Ontario (1,363), Comox, British Columbia (1,347), Pickle Lake, Ontario (1,082), Moosonee, Ontario (886), Trois-Rivières, Quebec (812), Island Lake, Manitoba (810), St. Theresa Point, Manitoba (770) and Drummondville, Quebec (715).

Total aircraft movements for the 111 airports for which year-over-year comparisons were possible decreased from 32,329 to 29,911 in January 2017 as 69 airports reported fewer movements. The largest declines were recorded at the following airports: Moosonee (-575 movements), Trois-Rivières (-349) and Tillsonburg, Ontario (-299).  Among those airports with increases, the largest gains were reported at Drummondville (+340) and Goose Bay (+270).   

In January 2017, there were 23,354 itinerant movements (flights from one airport to another) reported by 95 airports with Goose Bay (2,063 movements) and Comox (1,347) recording the largest numbers.

Thirty-nine airports reported 5,256 local movements (flights that remain in the vicinity of the airport). Peterborough remained the most active site with 1,853 take-offs and landings, representing 35% of the total local movements reported.

Factors which may have influenced the data

1. Aggregate data only are available for the following 19 airports reported by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation:

2. Aggregate data only are available for the following 12 airports reported by the Kativik Regional Government in Quebec:

3. Aggregate data only are available for Tillsonburg, Ontario.

4. When comparing monthly data for current year versus previous year, please note that:

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