Housing Statistics in Canada

Homeownership, income, and residential property values

Release date: December 5, 2019

This article analyzes the income characteristics of residential property owners in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia in 2018. It provides new information on owners who claimed the home buyers’ amount tax credit in 2017 to offer insights on the income of first-time home buyers and their properties. This article also explores the relationship between owner income and property values, and investigates income distributions of owners in selected areas.

Residential property ownership: Real estate holdings by multiple-property owners

Release date: September 27, 2019

This article provides information on multiple-property owners in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia whose usual residence is in one of these provinces. This analysis investigates the characteristics of these property owners and their properties. It is based on data from the Canadian Housing Statistics Program for reference year 2018.

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