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Note of appreciation
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This publication, a highlights report, the related websites and web-based information system were prepared by Environment Canada (EC) and Statistics Canada (STC) with input from Health Canada (HC). The summary of socio-economic information was prepared by Statistics Canada. The reports and web products reflect the efforts of many people. These range from scientific research and nationwide monitoring of environmental changes to assembling the data and refining, analyzing and calculating the indicators, and from writing, reviewing and revising the reports and web products to planning the next steps for the overall initiative.

These reports would not have been possible without the input and co-operation of numerous program staff throughout Environment Canada and Statistics Canada as well as Health Canada and the provincial and territorial governments. In particular, the water quality indicator would not have been possible without the provision of data, co-operation and expert water quality advice from the provinces and territories. The air quality indicator relies on the National Air Pollution Surveillance Network Database, made possible through federal–provincial–territorial collaboration. We thank all of those who provided data and analysis, advice and comments, as well as production and co-ordination expertise for these reports and websites. Finally, we also wish to recognize the many other people who have worked on various aspects of the development of this initiative over the past four years.

Some individuals served on several committees or working groups, but each person is only listed once.

Steering committee
Brenda McKelvey EC, chair
John Cooper HC
Robert Smith STC
Karen Wilson STC

Working Committee
Paula Brand EC, chair
Julie Charbonneau EC, former EC chair
All Working Group Chairs, Leads and Senior Editors.

Senior content editors
Michael Bordt STC
Kathryn Lindsay EC

Writing and co-ordination working group
Wayne Bond EC, co-chair
Carolyn Cahill STC, co-chair
Julie Davidson EC
Alison Clark-Milito STC
Dara Finney EC
Tim Folkins EC
Linda McCormick STC
Vincent Mercier EC
Domenic Mignacca EC
Soheil Rastan STC
Anton Van Heusden EC
Christian Vezina EC
Jennie Wang STC

Air quality indicator working group
David Ash EC, lead
Joe St. Lawrence STC
Rick Burnett HC
Tom Dann EC
Dennis Herod EC
David Niemi EC
Eric Mannell EC
Kate McKerlie EC
Julie Paré-Lépine EC
Marjorie Shepherd EC
Dave Stieb HC
Richard Turle EC

Greenhouse gas emissions indicator working group
Lo Chiang Cheng EC, lead
Liette Cormier EC
Jackie Mercer EC
Greenhouse Gas Division EC

Water quality indicator working group
Jean-François Bibeault EC, lead
François Soulard STC
Hélène Bouchard EC
Giselle Bouchard EC
Laura D’Costa HC
Caroline Fric STC
Caroline Girard EC
Nancy Glozier EC
Martha Guy EC
Doug Halliwell EC
Jonathan Hill EC
Linda Jones EC
Robert Kent EC
Paul Klawunn EC
Charles LeBlanc EC
Lucie Lévesque EC
Ashok Lumb EC
Sheila McCrindle EC
Stephanie McFayden HC
Beverly McNaughton EC
Janine Murray EC
Sheena Pappas EC
Joe Pomeroy EC
Denis Parent EC
Tim Pascoe EC
Susan Roe EC
Bernard Rondeau EC
Taina Tuominen EC
Cecilia Wong EC
Gordon Yavinsky HC

Provincial representatives involved in the water quality indicator initiative
Darcy MacDonald
Alberta Environment
Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation Branch

Les Swain
British Columbia Ministry of the Environment
Water, Air, and Climate Change Branch

Nicole Armstrong
Manitoba Water Stewardship
Water Science and Management Branch

Don Fox and Nelda Craig
New Brunswick Department of the Environment
Sciences and Reporting Branch

Amir Khan and Jennifer Bonnell
Newfoundland and Labrador Environment and
Water Resources Management

Christina Mosher and Darrell Taylor
Nova Scotia Environment and Labour
Water and Wastewater Branch

Aaron Todd
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch

Bruce Raymond and Cindy Crane
Prince Edward Island Environment, Energy, and Forestry
Watershed Management

Serge Hébert and Linda Tapin,
Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development,
Environment and Parks
State of the Environment Branch

Murray Hilderman
Saskatchewan Environment
Environmental Protection Branch

Socio-economic information module team, STC
Doug Trant STC, lead
Giuseppe Filoso STC
Jesse Flowers STC

Statistics Canada environmental surveys team
Bruce Mitchell STC, lead
Benoit Allard STC
Yves Bélanger STC
Cynthia Campeau STC
Emily Cheslock STC
Charles Delorme STC
Gordon Dewis STC
Joseph Duggan STC
Jeff Fritzsche STC
Lia Gendron STC
Marianne Gossen STC
Sarah Guay STC
Martin Hamel STC
Sarah Herring STC
Dean Huckla STC
Danielle Lalande STC
Marc Lavergne STC
Dave Lawrence STC
Marcel Lévesque STC
John Marshall STC
Sandra Mackie STC
Heather McQuaig STC
Terence Nelligan STC
Melanie Payer STC
Neil Rothwell STC
Andy Shinnan STC

Environment Canada information and web architecture team
Janet Lamb EC, lead
Sarah Hall EC
Shannon McPhail EC
Scott Monds EC
Debbie Pagurek EC
Manoj Singh EC
Serquei Zinine EC

Statistics Canada website design and implementation team
Cécile Bourque STC
Louise Demers STC
Monique Deschambault STC
Laurie Jong STC
Conrad Jorge STC
Darquise Pellerin STC
Joseph Prince STC
Jill Reid STC
Norman Sherman STC

Design and production
Caroline McNicoll EC
Rukiya Abdulhusein EC
Mark Henry STC

English editors
Paul Evans EC
Heather Ferguson EC
Keltie Purcell EC

French editors
François Godbout EC
Louis-Phillippe Charest EC
Hélène Côté EC


Note of appreciation

Canada owes the success of its statistical system to a long-standing partnership between Statistics Canada, the citizens of Canada, its businesses, governments and other institutions. Accurate and timely statistical information could not be produced without their continued co-operation and goodwill.

Standards of service to the public

Statistics Canada is committed to serving its clients in a prompt, reliable and courteous manner. To this end, the Agency has developed standards of service which its employees observe in serving its clients.

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Statistics Canada
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0T6
Telephone: (613) 951-0297
Fax: (613) 951-0634


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