Table 3.2
Land cover change, southern Canada, 2000 and 2011

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Land cover change, southern Canada, 2000 and 2011
Table summary
This table displays change in land cover in southern Canada from 2000 to 2011. The row headers provide information on the land cover type in 2000. The column headers provide information on the land cover in 2011, in square kilometres.
  To (2011)
Evergreen forest Deciduous forest Mixedwood Shrubland Grassland Barrenland Cropland Built-up Water natural and artificial and wetlands 1
  square kilometres
From (2000)  
Evergreen forest   297.9       521.7 211.8  
Deciduous forest 3,922.2 6,053.1 1,044.3     5,543.2 320.8  
Mixedwood           380.5 92.8  
Shrubland 3,637.4   3,102.1          
Grassland 454.4 147.8 17.9 750.3 1,552.6 6,983.7 2 332.0 178.2
Barrenland 1,539.1 16.2 453.4 450.9     72.3  
Cropland       9,117.8   911.3 2,252.5 2,653.7
Built-up       34.2        
Water natural and artificial and wetlands 1 3,519.1 382.1 2,059.6 1,320.2 87.7 344.5   79.3
Water and wetland areas derived from satellite imagery are influenced by climatic conditions at the time the images were taken. This should be considered when interpreting the data.
Distinguishing grasslands from certain crops is difficult and therefore considerable caution should be used in interpreting this change.
This table presents change in land cover area from 2000 to 2011. For example, 3,922.2 km2 moved from deciduous forest to evergreen forest from 2000 to 2011. Blank cells indicate no positive change from one category to the other. Measuring land cover categories is subject to certain limitations due to difficulties in distinguising between different land cover types. This land cover change data was derived from 30 m resolution land cover; results in this table are more precise than other land cover tabulations using Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) 250 m land cover data. Geographic coverage of this data is presented in Map 1 (Appendix C).
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2009, Land Cover for Agricultural Regions of Canada (circa 2000), version 12, (accessed October 9, 2012). Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2012, 2011 AAFC Crop Type Map of Canada, (accessed October 9, 2012). Statistics Canada, Environment Accounts and Statistics Division, 2013, special tabulation.
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