Map 1
Annual average runoff depth, 1971 to 2000

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Map 1 Annual average runoff depth, 1971 to 2000

This is a composite of four maps, as described in Bemrose et al., 2009. Runoff data for this map were derived from discharge values contained in Environment Canada's 2007 National Water Data Archive, Hydrometric Database (HYDAT), (accessed January 7, 2009).
Bemrose, R., L. Kemp, M. Henry and F. Soulard, 2009, "The Water Yield for Canada as a Thirty-year Average (1971 to 2000): Concepts, Methodology and Initial Results," Environment Accounts and Statistics Analytical and Technical Paper Series, Statistics Canada Catalogue no.16-001-MWE2009007 (accessed on June 4, 2009).
Spence, C. and A. Burke, 2008, "Estimates of Canadian Arctic Archipelago Runoff from Observed Hydrometric Data," Journal of Hydrology, vol. 362, pp. 247-259.

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