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Gross domestic product by industry
December 2003

Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
Our unique table viewer picks up where your Web browser leaves off. Using Statistics Canada's own table viewer, you can:

Obtain Statistics Canada's table viewer free of charge. Get it NOW!

If you have technical difficulties accessing the documents or tables, contact our HelpLine at 1-877-949-9492 weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, or by email.

How do I isolate specific rows and columns?

  1. Click on the "Table" menu
  2. Select "Rows" (or "Columns")
  3. Double click on the plus sign to expand or double click on the minus sign to minimise the hierarchy
  4. You can deselect an item by clicking on the check mark or you can select an item by clicking on the circle, selected items will appear in the table view
  5. When selecting rows, the "Check children" option controls the behaviour of the select/deselect action. When "Check children" is enabled (default), selecting an item will also select every item contained within the item being selected (the same is true for deselecting). This gives us a handy way of deselecting everything by deselecting the top most item. Then, only items of interest can be selected for viewing.

To display the table in its original form (i.e. all columns and rows are selected), choose "Reset" from the "Table" menu

Note: a check mark beside an item means the item has been selected and a circle beside an item means the item has been deselected.

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How do I export data to a spreadsheet?

  1. Click on the "File" menu
  2. Select "Export"
  3. Indicate the location you would like to save in
  4. Give your file a name
  5. Choose a file format for exporting from the drop down menu titled "Save as type"

The export function provides an option to convert the tables into different file formats. The file formats supported by the export function are:

File Format Comments

Converts tables into HTML format, which can be viewed by Internet browsers.

Note: When converting into HTML format, the full table will be exported. The export will not be affected by any customisations.


Converts tables into Excel version 4.0 or 5.0

Note: If you customised your table using the columns and rows functions, the export function will extract only the data found in your customised table view.

Tabbed-Text (Values only)

Converts tables into a tabbed-text format.

Note: If you customised your table using the columns and rows function, the export function will extract only the data found in your customised table view.

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How do I use print options to customise printing?

From the "File" menu, select "Page Setup..."

Create custom headers and footers

In the Header and/or Footers box enter your text.

Note: you can only have one custom header and one custom footer on a table. If you create a custom header or footer, it will replace any existing header or footer on the table.

Set page margins

In the Top, Bottom, Left and Right boxes, enter the desired margin size

Note: the measuring units for the page margins can be set to inches or centimetres

Grid Line By default the grid lines option is always on and cannot be changed.
Black and White By default the black and white option is always on and cannot be changed.
Row Heading Prints the row headings on the left side of the table
Column Heading Prints the column heading at the top of the table.

Enter the percentage by which you want to reduce or enlarge the table, or you can tick the "Fit to page(s)" box to fit the table to the page.

You can use the "Pages Wide" and "Pages High" to span the table across one or more pages.


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