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Table 1
In-scope products

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Table 1
In-scope products
Table summary
This table displays the results of In-scope products. The information is grouped by Product (appearing as row headers), Status (appearing as column headers).
Product Status
ENE113003 - Fuel wood Extraction
MPG113001 - Logs Extraction
MPG113002 - Pulpwood Extraction
ENE# - Forest biomass-based natural gas To be investigated
ENE# - Forest biomass-based light fuel oils To be investigated
ENE# - Forest biomass-based jet fuel To be investigated
MPS115300 - Support services for forestry Service
MPS# - Transportation To be investigated
Other services related to forestry productionNote 1 Service
MPG113004 - Rough untreated poles, posts and piling Initial processing
MPG321101 - Hardwood lumber Initial processing
MPG321102 - Softwood lumber Initial processing
MPG321103 - Wood chips Initial processing
MPG321104 - Other sawmill and treated wood products Initial processing
MPG321201 - Veneer and plywood Initial processing
MPG321202 - Engineered wood members and trusses Initial processing
MPG321203 - Reconstituted wood products Initial processing
MPG321X00 - Waste and scrap of wood, wood by-products Initial processing
MPG322101 - Wood pulp Initial processing
MPG322102 - Paper (except newsprint) Initial processing
MPG322103 - Newsprint Initial processing
MPG322104 - Paperboard Initial processing
MPG325105 - Other basic organic chemicals (from forestry) Initial processing
MPG325201 - Plastic resins (from forestry) Initial processing
MPG# - Artificial and synthetic staple fibres To be investigated
MPG# - Artificial and synthetic filament yarns To be investigated
Minerals and mining  
ENE212100 - Coal Extraction
MPG212210 - Iron ores and concentrates Extraction
MPG212220 - Precious metal ores and concentrates Extraction
MPG212231 - Copper ores and concentrates Extraction
MPG212232 - Nickel ores and concentrates Extraction
MPG212233 - Lead and zinc ores and concentrates Extraction
MPG212291 - Radioactive ores and concentrates Extraction
MPG212299 - Other metal ores and concentrates, not elsewhere classified Extraction
MPG212310 - Stone Extraction
MPG212320 - Sand, gravel, clay, and refractory minerals Extraction
MPG212392 - Uncut diamonds Extraction
MPG212396 - Potash Extraction
MPG21239A - Non-metallic minerals (except diamonds) Extraction
MPS21311B - Support services for mining and quarrying (except exploration) Service
MPS21A000 - Mineral and oil and gas exploration (minerals only) Service
MPS# - Transportation To be investigated
Other services related to mineral and mining productionNote 1 Service
MPG325104 - Other basic inorganic chemicals Initial processing
MPG327301 - Cement Initial processing
MPG327302 - Ready-mixed concrete Initial processing
MPG327303 - Concrete products Initial processing
MPG327A01 - Clay products and refractories Initial processing
MPG327A02 - Glass and glass products Initial processing
MPG327A04 - Lime and gypsum products Initial processing
MPG327A09 - Non-metallic mineral products, not elsewhere classified Initial processing
MPG331301 - Bauxite and aluminum oxide Initial processing
MPG331303 - Aluminum and aluminum-alloy semi-finished products Initial processing
MPG331401 - Refined copper and copper alloys Initial processing
MPG331402 - Refined nickel and nickel alloys Initial processing
MPG331403 - Refined precious metals and precious metals alloys Initial processing
MPG331404 - Refined non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal alloys Initial processing
MPG331406 - Basic non-ferrous metal products Initial processing
MPG331X02 - Waste and scrap of non-ferrous metals Initial processing
MPG331100 - Iron and steel basic shapes and ferro-alloy products Initial processing
MPG331302 - Aluminum and aluminum-alloy ingots and billets Initial processing
ENE113003 - Fuel wood Extraction
ENE211101 - Conventional crude oil and non-conventional synthetic crude oil (petroleum) Extraction
ENE211102 - Natural gas (includes light natural gas) Extraction
ENE211103 - Natural gas liquids and related products (includes propane, ethane, butane) Extraction
ENE211104 - Bituminous shale (oil sands) Extraction
ENE212100 - Coal Extraction
MPG212291 - Radioactive ores and concentrates Extraction
MPS21311A - Support services for oil and gas extraction (except exploration) Service
MPS21A000 - Mineral and oil and gas exploration (oil only) Service
MPS221200 - Natural gas distribution Service
MPS486200 - Transportation of natural gas by pipeline Service
MPS486A00 - Transportation of crude oil and other commodities by pipeline Service
MPS # - Other transportation of natural gas and crude oil To be investigated
Other services related to energy productionNote 1 Service
ENE221100 - Electricity (includes distribution /transmission) Initial processing
ENE221303 - Steam and heated or cooled air supply services Initial processing
ENE324111 - Motor gasoline Initial processing
ENE324112 - Diesel fuel Initial processing
ENE324113 - Light fuel oils Initial processing
ENE324114 - Jet fuel Initial processing
ENE324115 - Heavy fuel oils Initial processing
ENE3241A2 - Coke and other coke oven products Initial processing
MPG324116 - Lubricants and other petroleum refinery productsNote 2 Initial processing
MPG3241A1 - Asphalt and asphalt productsNote 2 Initial processing
MPG325101 - PetrochemicalsNote 2 Initial processing
MPG3241A9 - Other petroleum and coal productsNote 2 Initial processing
MPG# - Biofuels To be investigated
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