Appendix L Revisions to the Canadian Culture Satellite Account, 2010

The development of the PTCSA involved the incorporation of new data which led to slight revisions to the CSA estimates published in the fall of 2014.

These small revisions included the addition of an estimate for a portion of Facilities and other support services (MPS 561A00) as a culture product to take into account book or artisanal shows from within NAICS561920 (Convention and trade show organizers). This change lead to an upward adjustment to culture GDP ($111 million), culture output ($166 million) and culture jobs (862) at the Canada level. The incorporation of more detailed level data led to a review of non-profits activities within culture industries: the products Arts, entertainment and recreation services provided by Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households (NNP710000) and Other services provided by Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households (NNP999999) were allocated to more sub-domains. This increased the estimates for culture GDP ($119 million), output ($256 million) and number of jobs (2,668) at the Canada level from previously published. Refer to Table L.1a.

The process of compiling the PTCSA also contributed to improve the methods used to allocate the culture products “Other information services” and “Other miscellaneous goods”.  These changes affected both the culture and the sport estimates—total sport GDP ($396 million), output ($909 million), and jobs (8,350) increased, but this was offset by a matching decrease in culture GDP, output and jobs as compared to the national estimates published the fall of 2014. Refer to Table L.1b.

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