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    Human Resource Module of the Tourism Satellite Account - A Pilot Study for Ontario

    Appendix E: Tourism industries in the Human Resources Module (HRM)

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    Summary tourism industries

    This study uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2002 to define the tourism-related industries. Briefly, NAICS is a comprehensive industry classification system encompassing all economic activities. It is designed for the compilation of production statistics and, therefore, for the classification of data relating to establishments (and locations). The criteria used to group establishments into industries in NAICS are similarity of input structures, labour skills or production processes used.

    In order to maintain the reliability of the data, several tourism industries have been grouped together. Thus the tourism industry groups of the HRM include:


    • Air transportation
      All other transportation (includes rail, water, bus, taxi and vehicle rental)

    Food and beverage services
    Recreation and entertainment
    Travel services

    Following is a detailed list of all tourism-related industries, including their NAICS codes.

    Detailed list of tourism industries by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2002


    • Air transportation

    • 4811 Scheduled air transport
      4812 Non-scheduled air transport
    • All other transportation industries

    • 4821  Rail transportation
      • of which:
        Tourism sub-industries
        482114    Passenger rail transportation
        Non-tourism sub-industries
        482112 Short-haul freight rail transportation
        482113 Mainline freight rail transportation
    • 4831  Deep sea, coastal and great lakes water transportation
      4832  Inland water transportation
      4851  Urban transit systems
      4852  Interurban and rural bus transportation
      4853  Taxi and limousine service
      4854  School and employee bus transportation
      4855  Charter bus industry
      4859  Other transit and ground passenger transportation
      4871  Scenic and sightseeing transportation, land
      4872  Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water
      4879  Scenic and sightseeing transportation, other
      5A05102 Automotive equipment rental and leasing
      • of which:
        Tourism sub-industries
        532111  Passenger car rental
        532120  Truck, utility trailer and RV (recreational vehicle) rental and leasing
        Non-tourism sub-industries
        532112 Passenger car leasing


    • 7211 Traveller accommodation
      721A2RV (recreational vehicle) parks and recreational camps
      • of which:
        Tourism sub-industries
        721211  RV (recreational vehicle) parks and campgrounds
        721212  Hunting and fishing camps
        721213  Recreational (except hunting and fishing) and vacation camps
        Non-tourism sub-industries
        721310  Rooming and boarding houses

    Food and beverage services

    • 7220  Food services and drinking places
      • of which:
        Tourism sub-industries
        72211  Full-service restaurants
        72221  Limited-service eating places
        72241  Drinking places (alcoholic beverages)
        Non-tourism sub-industries
        72231  Food service contractors
        72232  Caterers
        72233  Mobile food services

    Recreation and entertainment

    • 51213 Motion picture and video exhibition
      7110  Performing arts, spectator sports and related industries
      • of which:
        Tourism sub-industries
        7111 Performing arts companies
        7112 Spectator sports
        7115 Independent artists, writers and performers
        Non-tourism sub-industries
        7113  Promoters (presenters) of performing arts, sports and similar events
        7114  Agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers and other public figures
    • 7121 Heritage institutions
      713A2 Amusement and recreation industries
      • 7131 Amusement parks and arcades
        7132 Gambling industries
        7139 Other amusement and recreation industries
        • of which:
          Tourism sub-industries
          71391  Golf courses and country clubs
          71392  Skiing facilities
          71393  Marinas
          71395  Bowling centres
          71399 All other amusement and recreation industries
          Non-tourism sub-industries
          71394  Fitness and recreational sports centres

    Travel services

    • 5615 Travel arrangement and reservation services


    1. Note that for the Ontario HRM details on air transportation and other transportation are suppressed.
    2. Special aggregation of NAICS industries in Canadian system of national economic accounts (CSNEA).
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