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ABCPI: Apartment Building Construction Price Index

ANIFO: Accrued net income of farm operators from farm production

ARTS: Annual Retail Trade Survey

AWE: Average Weekly Earnings


BEA: Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS: Bureau of Labor Statistics

BOP: Balance of Payments

BPD: Balance of Payments Division

BPM5: Balance of Payments Manual 5


CA: Capital Accounts

CBSA: Canada Border Services Agency

CCA: Capital Consumption Allowances

CDC: Canadian Dairy Commission

CES: Capital Expenditure Survey

CIHI: Canadian Institute for Health Information

CLHI: Canadian Life and Health Insurance

CMHC: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

COFOG: Classification of the functions of government

COICOP: Classification of individual consumption by purpose

CPC: Central Product Classification

CPI: Consumer Price Index

CRA: Canada Revenue Agency

CSNA: Canadian System of National Accounts

CTUMS: Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey

CVMA: Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association

CWB: Canadian Wheat Board


DS: Domestic supply


FAMEX: Survey of Family Expenditures

FDD: Final Domestic Demand

FFA: Financial Flow Accounts

FIFO: First In First Out

FMS: Financial Management System

FOB: Free on board

FSIM: Financial Services Indirectly Measured

FV: Non-Chained Fisher Index


GBE: Government Business Enterprises

GDP: Gross Domestic Product

GFME: Gross Fixed Capital Formation in Machinery and Equipment

GNI: Gross National Income

GNP: Gross National Product

GO: Gross Output

GST: Goods and Services Tax


HRRS: Homeowner Repair and Renovation Survey

HS: Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System

HST: Harmonized Sales Tax


IAD: Industry Accounts Division

ICSD: Investment and Capital Stock Division

IEA : Income and Expenditure Accounts

IEAD: Income and Expenditure Accounts Division

II: International Imports

IMF: International Monetary Fund

IOA: Income and Outlay Accounts

IOFD: Industrial Organization and Finance Division

IOT: Input-Output Tables

IPI: Industry Price Indexes

IPPI: Industrial Product Price Index

ITD: International Trade Division

ITS: International Travel Survey

IX: International Exports


LFS: Labour Force Survey

LIFO: Last In First Out


MCED: Manufacturing, Construction and Energy Division

MLS: Multiple Listing Service

MRTS: Monthly Retail Trade Survey

MSM: Monthly Survey of Manufacturing

MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

MVMA: Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association


NAICS: North American Industry Classification System

NBSA: National Balance Sheet Accounts

NDP: Net Domestic Product

NIEA: National Income and Expenditure Accounts

NIPA: National Income and Product Accounts

NIPO: Non-Profit Organization

NMVDCS: New Motor Vehicle Dealer Commodity Survey

NMVSS: New Motor Vehicle Sales Survey

NNP: Net National Product

NPI: Non-profit institutions

NPISH: Non-profit institutions serving households


OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

OSFI: Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions


PEA: Provincial Economic Accounts

PID: Public Institutions Division

PS: Personal Spending

PSG: Personal Spending Groups

PST: Provincial Sales Taxes

PTEA: Provincial and Territorial Economic Accounts

PWGSC: Public Works and Government Services Canada


QFS: Quarterly Survey of Financial Statistics for Enterprises

QRCS: Quarterly Retail Commodity Survey


RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police


SDR: Special drawing rights

SEPH: Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours

SHS: Survey of Household Spending

SNA: System of National Accounts

SNA 1993: System of National Accounts 1993


TSRC: Travel Survey of Residents of Canada


U.K.: United Kingdom

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


VAT: Value Added Taxes

VDI: Value of Depletion of Inventories

VP: Value of Production

VPC: Value of Physical Change


WPIP: Work Put In Place